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Matt Ryan Receives Andrew Luck Comparison From Colts Starter Mo Alie-Cox

Colts quarterback, Matt Ryan was asked about the comparisons to his teammate Andrew Luck.

The “mo alie cox” is a starting quarterback for the Indianapolis Colts. He has received comparisons to Matt Ryan, who also began his career as a backup before becoming the starter.

David J. Griffin/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images; Elsa/Getty Images (L-R) Matt Ryan and Andrew Luck

In 2021, the Indianapolis Colts lacked the leadership they needed to reach the NFL playoffs. They had a lot of skill, but when it came down to it, they didn’t deliver.

It’s possible that Carson Wentz was mostly to blame. Maybe Indy was dealing with something more serious. If Matt Ryan had been the quarterback, though, it’s difficult to see this same Colts team collapsing in the last two weeks of the 2021 season… or if Andrew Luck had been in the starting lineup.

Before the 2022 season, Indianapolis is getting to know yet another new starting quarterback, Ryan, who was recently compared to Luck by starting tight end Mo Alie-Cox.

Colts fans should be ecstatic if Alie-comments Cox’s hold true throughout the regular season.

Matt Ryan has been likened to Andrew Luck by Mo Alie-Cox.

.@HolderStephen asking Mo Alie-Cox about the high standards of new #Colts QB Matt Ryan:

Ryan will stop and question you in the corridor, according to Mo.

Adds, “it’s kind of similar to Andrew (Luck) in the way he demands things and how he runs things.” pic.twitter.com/tssxaxA7md

— Brett Bensley (@brettbensley) June 1, 2022

Matt Ryan, who was traded to the Colts this offseason, is in his first OTAs with the club, and he’s already making an impression on his new teammates.

“The ball is out with Matt,” Mo Alie-Cox told The Atheltic. “When you go out of your break, you better be ready – this isn’t a sluggish, turn your head situation” (and wait). When you turn your head, the ball is going to be right on target.”

Ryan’s leadership style, which seems demanding, was then examined by Alie-Cox. But it is exactly what the Colts need.

“It’s been a joy having him here, for sure,” he said (h/t Fox 59’s Brett Bensley). “He’s a real down-to-earth guy; he’s very vocal. It’s like having another coach in the room.”

Following Jack Doyle’s retirement, Alie-Cox, who will likely start at tight end, informed Doyle that Ryan’s personality is similar to that of former Colts quarterback Andrew Luck.

“In the way he demands things and how he needs things and everything like that, he’s sort of like Andrew,” Alie-Cox added. “… He’s got his sights set on us.”

After last year’s humiliating failure, the Colts need someone like Andrew Luck.

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Since his days with the Philadelphia Eagles, Carson Wentz’s leadership qualities have been questioned. It all came to a head in the last two weeks of the 2021 season, when the Colts needed just one victory to finish the season, but instead suffered two humiliating defeats, one to the NFL’s weakest club, the Jacksonville Jaguars.

For the most part, Wentz seemed to understand the system last season, but he wasn’t a perfectionist like previous quarterbacks. Great quarterbacks are aware of all of their throwing options and will opt for check-downs when necessary. Wentz, on the other hand, was always attempting to make huge plays, even if it meant putting his body and/or the ball in danger.

If Ryan is as diligent as Luck (as he seemed to be with the Atlanta Falcons), the Colts will be in good shape.

When Indy has had someone in charge of the offense, the squad has performed well. In 2018, Luck guided the Colts to a playoff victory, and in 2020, Philip Rivers will lead them to the playoffs. The Colts failed to reach the playoffs with Wentz, a reckless but gifted player, and suffered one of the most humiliating defeats in team history.

Should Colts supporters expect Ryan to follow in Luck’s footsteps? No. However, having a calm captain at the helm will pay off at important times and might be the difference between reaching the playoffs and heading home early.

The Indianapolis Colts may have a major Kenny Moore II problem that has to be addressed.

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