Max Kellerman, ESPN’s lead NBA analyst and former college basketball player for UCLA, breaks down all the matchups in this week’s games.

Kevin Durant and James Harden are two of the best players in the NBA, but they have both had a rough start to this season. Kyrie Irving has been absent for much of the year. This article reveals an understated reason beyond Kyrie Irving’s absence and James Harden’s struggles for the Brooklyn Nets horrid start. Read more in detail here: kevin durant, james harden, kyrie irving.

The Brooklyn Nets are 2–3 and the team is surrounded by more questions than answers. The sluggish start may be attributed to two factors. Kyrie Irving is out, and James Harden is struggling. Brooklyn’s record-breaking offense from last season is nowhere to be seen, and Kevin Durant’s strong start isn’t helping matters. Max Kellerman of ESPN provided some intriguing insight into a behind-the-scenes action made by the Nets over the summer that might be weighing on them.

Brooklyn lost free agents Jeff Green and Spencer Dinwiddie on the floor. DeAndre Jordan was bought out by the Nets, while Landry Shamet was dealt to the Phoenix Suns. Patty Mills, Paul Millsap, LaMarcus Aldridge (returning from retirement), and Jevon Carter were brought in to replace them. For the first time in his career, Nicolas Claxton is getting rotational minutes. None of these improvements are revolutionary.

Off the court, the Brooklyn Nets have made some adjustments.

During the offseason, the coaching staff experienced several changes. Ime Udoka, who was hired head coach of the Boston Celtics, left the Brooklyn Nets. Daniel Jones has been named the new strength and conditioning coach, while David Vanterpool, a former NBA assistant, has joined the coaching team.

On ESPN’s Keyshawn, JWill & Max program on Oct. 28, Max Kellerman pointed out that another huge name is absent from the bench.

Mike D’Antoni, a long-time NBA coach, worked as an assistant last season under first-year head coach Steve Nash, his two-time MVP point guard with the Phoenix Suns in the mid-2000s.

In Brooklyn, Nash wasn’t just a first-year head coach; he was also a first-time head coach. Nash had been on D’Antoni’s roster for four years in Phoenix and two more with the Los Angeles Lakers, so he was a familiar face and guiding hand.

D’Antoni is 70 years old, and after almost three decades on the bench in Italy and the NBA, retiring may have looked like a good idea. He coached the Suns, Lakers, Denver Nuggets, New York Knicks, and Houston Rockets in the NBA for 16 years.

His career record is 672–527, although his teams have never advanced beyond the conference finals in the playoffs. In 2018, D’Antoni’s Rockets were one game away from reaching the NBA Finals, but Chris Paul’s hamstring injury put an end to Houston’s prospects against the Golden State Warriors.

Is D’Antoni’s absence contributing to Brooklyn’s problems?

Nash, said to Max Kellerman and Jay Williams is a musician from the United States., is missing D’Antoni.

Max Kellerman and Jay Williams discussed on their podcast about how much the Brooklyn Nets are suffering without D’Antoni. Kellerman attributed D’Antoni’s absence on Harden, a player he used to coach in Houston.

“Last year, they had D’Antoni on the bench,” Kellerman remarked. “You brought it up, Jay. D’Antoni and Harden are ready to get out of bed; here’s the ball; we’ve done this before, right? This year, D’Antoni will not be present. How big of a difference does it make to Harden?”

Williams made the following points:

“Well, I believe James Harden will be OK, but having a man like him on the sideline who knows what positions on the court he needs to put you in so you can be at your best?” That, I believe, is a significant omission. I began to consider… Mike D’Antoni isn’t present. With a lot of the setups they’re executing with (assistant coach) Jacque Vaughn, that puts a lot more pressure on Steve Nash.

“I did witness Erik Spoelstra, an experienced, world-champion coach, run circles around Steve Nash, and I believe that as you go further into basketball, the growth of where Steve Nash goes as a head coach will dictate how far I think the Nets can go as well.”

Jay Williams

Is it possible that Nash was exposed because he didn’t have his senior mentor at his side?

The Brooklyn Nets’ championship pedigree is minimal.

Max Kellerman of ESPN brought up a potential understated reason for the slow start of the Brooklyn Nets, the absence of assistant coach Mike D'Antoni

Max Kellerman of ESPN brought up a potential understated reason for the slow start of the Brooklyn Nets, the absence of assistant coach Mike D'Antoni The absence of assistant coach Mike D’Antoni, according to ESPN’s Max Kellerman (L), might be a hidden cause for the Brooklyn Nets’ sluggish start. | Getty Images/Dimitris Kambouris Getty Images/Kevin C. Cox

Nash never won a championship as a player, but he did work as a consultant on Golden State championship teams. The coaching staff, on the other hand, is devoid of rings. While D’Antoni lacked one as well, Max Kellerman’s argument stands. His absence might be reverberating across the corporation.

With the Warriors, Kevin Durant won two championships. With the San Antonio Spurs, Patty Mills got one. Irving won a championship with the Cleveland Cavaliers, but he is now out of the league.

It’s not an issue to have experienced leadership. Brooklyn has seven players who are in their 11th or later season. Only seven players on the squad have played three years or fewer, including its two-way players.

The Nets, on the other hand, have little experience with winning at the top level. Nash’s hire drew a lot of attention, and now that D’Antoni is gone, certain faults are showing out.

Mike Budenholzer, Frank Vogel, Nick Nurse, Steve Kerr, Tyronn Lue, Gregg Popovich, Spoelstra, Rick Carlisle, and Doc Rivers are the current NBA coaches with rings. Good luck if you’re seeking for jobless coaches that meet that requirement. They’re all from the past: The most recent title-winning coaches who are not presently on an NBA bench are Phil Jackson, Pat Riley, and Larry Brown.

Nash has a chance to lead the Brooklyn Nets to their first championship. But first, he’ll have to bring them to the top. To accomplish so, you’ll need $500.

Basketball Reference provided the statistics.

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The “kyrie irving stats 2021” is a statistic that reveals Kyrie Irving’s absences. It shows that the Cleveland Cavaliers have been better without him than with him. The Brooklyn Nets have had a horrid start to the season, and James Harden has struggled as well.

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