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Midnight Ghost Hunt: Best Ghost Abilities

There are a wide variety of characters to choose from, each with their own unique set of special abilities. The gameplay is also fast and easy- you can complete missions in less than an hour! You’ll never get bored playing this game at home alone or over break.

Midnight Ghost Hunt is a game that has been out for a while. It is one of the best ghost games on the market, and it does not disappoint. The gameplay is amazing, and there are many different abilities to choose from.



Every skill has its place, but the most efficient ghost abilities in Midnight Ghost Hunt are a cut above the rest. Of course, certain skills are greater in some periods than others.

Only the finest ghost powers in Midnight Ghost Hunt will be included in our guide. You’ll also discover which perks are best suited to these abilities and how to use them at various stages of a battle.

Midnight Ghost Hunt’s Best Ghost Abilities


  • Type: Ability to Flee
  • Perception and Ecto-Slow are the best benefits.

Spirit is by far the strongest ghost ability for escaping and for a general stealth playstyle, thanks to the speed increase and the ability to soar.

It helps you to sneak past hunters in busy rooms, buildings, even whole regions without being noticed. Furthermore, you may simply avoid traps, which are currently the principal technique of most hunters.


  • Type: Ability to Flee
  • Blast Resistant, Heavyweight, and Untrappable are the best features.

Miasma is an escape ability that may be utilized in both the hiding and midnight periods, making it one of the finest ghost abilities.

It inflicts harm to both hunters and their equipment, as well as slowing them down so they can’t quickly bunny hop across an area.

Miasma with a prop is highly recommended for luring hunters into your trap and doing harm to them as they attempt to shoot you.

Grip of Death

  • Ability Type: Trap
  • Ghostly Focus, Heavyweight, Shatterproof, and Gluttony are the best bonuses.

Miasma’s ghost ability is identical to this one. The main distinction is that it is only focused on capturing hunters, while Miasma has a broader applicability.

Still, you can use Grip of Death when setting up many traps in a sequence and aiming for a quick kill. Those who like to haunt doors or possess offensive props will easily find this among the Midnight Ghost Hunt’s Best Ghost Abilities.

Just like it is the case with Miasma, you need to use some prop in order to lure hunters in, and then drop Grip of Death straight on their heads.


  • Distract Ability is a kind of ability.
  • Quickcharge, Heavyweight, Shatterproof, and Perception are the best features.

Many Midnight Ghost Hunt players believe Telekinesis to be one of the strongest ghost skills for dealing damage because of one major advantage: the ability to toss objects at hunters for deadly damage.

It’s worth noting that props only have fatal power if they’re completely charged, so utilize the Quickcharge perk with it for maximum damage.


  • Ability Type: Trap
  • Ghostly Focus, Heavyweight, Shatterproof, and Ghostly Reach are the best benefits.

Although there is some discussion over whether Poltergeist or Telekinesis is more strong, each are powerful in their own way. The most significant distinction is that Telekinesis causes greater damage on its own, but Poltergeist requires the Corruptor to inflict maximum damage.

You may employ Poltergeist on its own, but the damage is lessened. The distraction effect, on the other hand, will function since it allows you to manage up to four objects at once.


  • Ability Type: Trap
  • Glutton, Heavyweight, and Quickcharge are the best bonuses.

When props come into touch with the hunters, they explode due to this ghost power. That’s why so many players combine it with Poltergeist and Telekinesis, and that’s why it’s included in our list of the top ghost skills.

You may certainly utilize it on its own, but in that case, the Heavyweight perk is advised to optimize your damage with bigger and larger props.


  • Type: Ability to Flee
  • Ecto-Slow, Perception, Ghostly Reach, and Shatterproof are the best bonuses.

Phantom is the greatest pick if you’re still in the concealing phase and don’t want anybody to notice you.

It enables you to occupy a prop before disabling it. It’s not completely invisible, but it does a fair job of masking your presence, and the short cooldown period allows you to keep performing the trick.


  • Ability to deceive of any kind
  • Glutton, Heavyweight, Untrappable, and Blast Resistant are the best benefits.

The last ghost ability on our list has the potential to be quite powerful, but only in certain circumstances is it worthy of being included among the top ghost skills.

It enables you to imitate a hunter’s presence and is best employed in the middle of a fight. This allows you to pull off a swift surprise kill. This one takes some time to master, but once you do, you’ll find it to be one of the greatest ghost powers in the game.

Those are the Midnight Ghost Hunt’s Best Ghost Abilities. If you found this article useful, then be sure to share it with your friends online!

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