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Since the days of Don Shula, there have been great Miami Dolphins coaches. Jim Turner, Don Shula, Jimmy Johnson, etc. But those Dolphins coaches never had a rookie QB who was named MVP of the Super Bowl. That was all about to change in 2018 when the Dolphins took one of the most polarizing prospects in the 2018 Draft to sit on the bench and learn.

There’s clearly no love lost between San Francisco 49ers coach Kyle Shanahan and ProFootballTalk impresario Mike Florio. The feud appears to stem from ProFootballTalk disagreeing with Shanahan’s pre-draft comments about Jimmy Garoppolo’s status on the roster and the guarantee that he would stay alive later in the week. The coach called the football writer and his website boring. Now Florio is taking this feud to a new level by attacking Shanahan and the 49ers for selling QB Trey Lance and the unnecessary mystery surrounding him. Shanahan said he mocked reporters who thought he would prefer Alabama QB Mack Jones over Lance, and that pissed Florio off.

The San Francisco 49ers have traded their No. 3 pick in the 2021 NFL Draft

It’s crazy to think it could be quarterback, quarterback…..quarterback? The team analyzes how a deal between the Dolphins and 49ers will change the 2021 NFL Draft. – GMFB (@gmfb) March 29, 2021 The feud began when San Francisco made an aggressive move in the 2021 NFL Draft to secure a promotion deal. The team went from 12th to 3rd place. To that end, they sent the Miami Dolphins the No. 12 pick, a third-round pick in 2021 and first-round picks in 2022 and 2023, according to While trading for a quarterback in the first round is not advisable, it gave the 49ers the option of picking Lance, Jones or Justin Fields. After the trade, there were questions about who Shanahan and the Niners would take, Lance or Jones. Lance was the most exciting candidate. However, analysts like PFT’s Chris Sims have suggested that Jones would be a better fit in Shanahan’s offense. The theory was that Jones resembled Kirk Cousins, the QB drafted by Washington’s current team when Shanahan was offensive coordinator under his father. PFT reports that Shanahan mocked this assumption in a recent interview, stating: I’m smiling… Everybody thinks they know exactly what I want as a quarterback, because I thought we had a chance to get [Kirk Cousins], the best free agent quarterback on the market for our second year, and because we did that, people assume that’s the way I’m going to plan, and when you make a plan, obviously you’re going to give the guy everything. I think in this league, you have to be able to win as a quarterback from the pocket or it’s going to catch up to you. But man, if you can run, it’s a lot easier to play outside the pocket, with defenders switching and all. This idea of Shanahan turning up his nose and mocking the media infuriated Florio.

Mike Florio bawled out Kyle Shanahan and the 49ers for their mistakes and panic with thisdeal.

word-image-9942 word-image-9943 (left to right) Mike Florio, Kyle Shanahan | Both Photos B51/Mark Brown/Getty Images Part of Florio’s disdain for Shanahan might have something to do with who the coach ridicules. The NFL analyst who had the 49ers pick Jones was Florio’s PFT colleague and Shanahan’s teammate at the University of Texas, Sims. Florio launched his attack on Shanahan, writing: I think the 49ers got a little (or a lot) scared after passing on Mahomes in 2017 and Tom Brady (who desperately wanted to play for his home team) in 2020. The author goes on to suggest that Shanahan didn’t really know who he was taking when he made the promotion deal. He wrote that the whole thing was an ill-conceived guessing game and an unsuccessful exercise by the franchise in creating expectations among fans and media. Florio ended his criticism of Shanahan by writing: There’s a sense that the 49ers screwed up, and there’s a sense that (given the likelihood that Garoppolo will be a Week 1 starter for the 49ers, and given the very real possibility that he’ll be healthy all year, as he was in 2019) they could screw things up even more.

Shanahan still giving mixed signals about QB situation

On the eve of training camp for the 2021 season, Shanahan appears undecided on who will be the 49ers’ starting quarterback next season. The head coach said, according to NBC Sports: I see Jimmy as the starter, but he also hasn’t ruled out Lance being the starter. The Athletic even reported that Shanahan was considering a trade for Aaron Rodgers. Kyle Shanahan’s father, Mike Shanahan, became a legendary NFL coach by winning two Super Bowls with John Elway. When he arrived in Washington, however, he had a revolving door of QBs, including Donovan McNabb, Rex Grossman, John Beck, Robert Griffin III and Cousins, none of whom led the team to great heights. Has Kyle finally found his Elway in Lance, or is the QB selected in the 2021 draft just another mediocre QB that the coach will quickly discard? We can assume we know what Mike Florio is thinking, but we’ll all have a better idea when training camp and the new season begin. Like Sportscasting on Facebook. Follow us on Twitter @sportscasting19 COMPARED TO: Is Zach Wilson better than Trevor Lawrence? What Chris Sims’ quarterback evaluations tell us

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