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Minecraft: How to Tame Frogs

The history of Minecraft is long and the game has changed so much since it was first developed in 2009. One thing that hasn’t changed, though? The way players tame animals. This guide will teach you how to catch a frog with your bare hands by luring one into water until it’s too late for them to escape!

“When do frogs lay eggs” is a question that many people ask. The answer to the question is when they become adults and are able to reproduce.

Despite their little size, frogs are the main attraction in the Minecraft Wild Update. Players may now breed and somewhat tame frogs to keep as pets as of patch 1.19.

This article will explain where to find frogs in Minecraft and how to breed them if you want a ton of little, hopping companions.

In Minecraft, are frogs Tameable?

Similar to turtles, frogs cannot genuinely be domesticated in the same way that animals like wolves or horses can. Although they can be bred and attracted, they cannot yet be domesticated.

As a result, if you want to keep a frog as a pet, you’ll need to make sure it’s kept in an enclosed space or is leashed to a post since otherwise it could escape on its own.

Almost every biome in your Minecraft seed has frogs. The climate determines the kind of frog—hot, warm, or cold.

  • Frogs that are orange live in hot areas.
  • There will be white frogs in warm climates.
  • Green frogs will live in cold temperatures.

How to Attract a Frog

You’ll need slimeballs if you want to entice frogs in Minecraft. Small slimes, which are often seen jumping about in marsh biomes or, less frequently, deep in tunnels, may be killed to get these.

Similar to attracting other creatures, all you have to do to get a mob to follow you is have the luring item equipped and remain near by.

But using straight-up leads is the preferred course of action. Four pieces of thread and a slimeball are used to make leads, as seen below. You would need to utilize the slimeball to entice the frogs, and leads are reusable.

Once the lead has been created, all you need to do is equip it and interact with the frog to leash it. Now, by engaging with them, you can guide the frog anywhere you want to go and even tie it to fence posts.

How to Raise a Frog

Frog breeding in Minecraft is quite similar to breeding any other passive creature. When two frogs are close to one another, equip some slimeballs and interact with each one of them individually to put them in the love mode.

After that, one of the two frogs will mate and become pregnant. Like turtles, it will then start searching for the closest body of water to deposit its eggs.


Make sure there is water nearby if you keep your frogs in a confined space so that the females may lay their frogspawn. Two to six tadpoles will hatch from the eggs and start swimming in the water after about ten minutes.

Tadpoles will ultimately develop into frogs, and feeding them slimeballs will hasten this process. Tadpoles can only live in water; do not try to keep them on land. If you need to move them at all, you may pick up a tadpole using a bucket on the water and move it to a different location.

The biome in which the tadpole develops determines the sort of frog it will become, not the kind of frogs its parents are. To breed your frogs in locations where you will receive the desired hue, adhere to the instructions in the article mentioned a little above.

You now have all the information you need to successfully tame, attract, and breed frogs in Minecraft. Visit GameSkinny’s other Minecraft instructions or even our large listings of Minecraft seeds.

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