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Monster Hunter Rise: Cultural Exchange Quest Guide

Monster Hunter: World is now available on PC, PS4 and Xbox One. The game has been a major success so far with mixed reviews.
This guide will discuss the cultural exchange quest of Monster Hunter: World which can be found in the region of Velik’s Gate.
There are many quests that require you to complete tasks for various cultures but this particular one requires you to find something unique about their culture before they can give you an item back, such as finding out what they like or dislike most about Japan, America or Europe

The “monster hunter rise cultural exchange reddit” is a quest that allows players to interact with the culture of a different nation. Players can choose between the Japanese, American and European nations.

To get a second submarine at the Argosy in Monster Hunter Rise, you’ll need to complete the Cultural Exchange side quest.

You’ll aim to have a total of three submarines before the conclusion of the game, which will passively provide resources for construction. The caveat is that Rondine the Trader requires you to accomplish two Request tasks.

This tutorial will show you how to finish the first quest, Cultural Exchange, as well as where to collect the necessary Wisplanterns and Boatshells.

How to Finish Monster Hunter Rise’s Cultural Exchange Quest

Early on in your Rise adventure, you’ll meet Rondine the Trader and the Argosy, and you’ll only have access to one submarine.

When you speak with her during the first campaign, she will ultimately ask you to perform the Cultural Exchange quest. Collect three Wisplanterns and three Boatshells are the two criteria.

In Monster Hunter Rise, where can you locate Wisplanterns?

In a previous article, we explained how to get Wisplanterns; in a nutshell, head to the Shrine Ruins and seek for the Shining Red Berry collection sites dispersed across the area.


Because you acquire numerous Wisplanterns every collect, you’ll only need to visit one or two Red Berry spots.


In Monster Hunter Rise, where can you locate Boatshells?

Go to the Frost Islands to find Boatshells. Throughout the level, you’ll be on the lookout for Oyster Bed collection sites.


There’s one not far from the default camp, but you’ll only need to collect two of them to earn the three Boatshells you need.


Return to Rondine the Trader and finish the request after you have the Boatshells and Wisplanterns. You’ll get your second submarine right away, doubling the amount of passive farming you may accomplish.

Honey in one sub and Might or Adamant Seeds in the other is a fantastic combination, but whatever you require at the moment is OK. Every mission you finish fills up one sub space, so undertake many tasks before picking up your supplies.

In our Monster Hunter Rise instructions center, we’ve covered how to gather various minerals including Fulgurbug, Dragonite Ore, Gracium Ore, and more. Expect much more when the Sunbreak expansion is released.

The “monster hunter rise boatshells location” is a quest from the Monster Hunter Rise: Cultural Exchange Quest Guide. This quest will have you hunting for items that are hidden around the world.

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