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Monster Hunter Stories 2: All Royal Monsters Locations

This blog post will introduce you to the most important monsters in Monster Hunter Stories 2: All Royal Monsters Locations. Most of these monsters are a part of Royal Class, and you’ll need to reach them in order to unlock their abilities and get their weapons.

Monster Hunter Stories 2: All Royal Monsters Locations  is one of the most story-driven games in the Monster Hunter franchise. This time, players will explore the vast royal palace of the B.R.O.T.E.M. headquarters, which is located inside a volcano.  The B.R.O.T.E.M. headquarters and its royal grounds look absolutely majestic.

Monster Hunter Stories 2 : Wings of Ruin has an impressive list of monsters large and small. There are six monsters that are called royalty for a reason, as they are incredibly strong and their traps are of a much higher quality. This guide will help you find all Monster King locations in Monster Hunter Stories 2.

Some of the royal monsters can be found at the beginning of the game, but other, more powerful monsters don’t show up until much later. Either way, you’ll want to hunt these tough monsters for their materials.

Monster Hunter Stories 2 : All King Monster Locations

Monster Hunter Stories 2 Royal Tigrex location

The first royal monster, Tigrex, is in Alcala Valley (see map above, exact position indicated by the player marker).

This striped monster is weak against electrical damage, and its head is particularly weak against stings.

You can immobilize him with a trap and then hit him in the head with a sword to win.

Royal Tigrex will drop the following materials

  • Tigerx Scales
  • Wyvern Stone
  • Tigerx Claw
  • Montser bone L.

Monster Hunter Stories 2 Royal Monoblos Location

This flying wyvern can be found in of Garzgai Rocky Hills. You have to break through a rock wall with a rock-breaker monster and follow the path to the end until you find the monoblocks sleeping on the ground.

Like Tigrex, this royal monster is weak against electrical damage. This means you can use a shock trap to calm him down and then aim your sword at his belly, tail and horns.

Royal Monoblos drops the following materials

  • One-piece washbasin
  • Monobloc First
  • Blood red horn
  • Wyvern Stone
  • Monsterbot L

Monster Hunter Stories 2 Royal Gammoth Place

This canary can be found just beside the caravan park Woodland to Loloska. This is the easiest royal monster to find.

Gammoth is mostly vulnerable to fire damage. Then you can use blunt tools, such as a hammer or B. a hunting horn, on his legs, body and head.

Finish off your attacks by chopping off his tail and torso with your big sword. The Galvenus Kinship skill will also help you a lot in this fight.

Royal Gammoth drops the following materials

  • Gammoth’s hideout
  • Gammoth Housing
  • Defence of Gammoth
  • Fortuna fan

Monster Hunter Stories 2 Royal Zinogre Location

This toothed wyvern can be found on the glacier peaks of Snowclad Mount Lavina .

Zinogr is particularly weak against ice damage combined with explosive fire. You can then aim your bow or spear at his body and head and deal piercing damage. You can finish it off by cutting off its tail with your sword.

Royal Zinogre drops the following materials

  • Zinogra shell
  • Zinogre shock fur
  • Zinogre stove
  • Electric bag

Monster Hunter Stories 2 Royal Brute Tigerx Location

Brute Tigrex is a much more powerful version of Tigrex. If you are looking for tiger material to make equipment and weapons, choose Raw Tigerx instead of ordinary materials.

This flying wolverine can be found at Sadona Barrens in the Eastern Lamoureux Desert. He will sleep peacefully, but expect strong attacks as soon as you wake him.

Like the normal Tigerx, this royal monster is weak against electrical damage. Again, you can use a shock trap to paralyze him and then aim for his head with a blunt weapon. In this case, however, it is advisable to use a hammer instead of a hunting horn.

Royal Brute Tigrex drops the following materials

  • Tigerx Gross Balance
  • Tigerx Claw Raw
  • Brute Tigrex Cock
  • Wyvern Stone

Monster Hunter Stories 2 Royal White Monoblos Location

The monster race White Monoblos is similar to Brute, and gives players harder materials for their armor and weapons.

This flying wolverine can be seen on the side trail Jalma Highlands in the East Lamur Desert.

The white monoblock is especially vulnerable to electrical damage and armor-piercing weapons. You can use a bow or a spear to damage its legs, tail and horns. Use essentially the same strategy as for normal monoblocks, but remember that this monster is harder to defeat.

Royal White Monoblos drops the following materials

  • One piece washbasin white
  • White one piece ridge
  • One piece white cone
  • The Wyvern Jewel

That’s all you need to know to find all the Monster King locations in Monster Hunter Stories 2. And don’t forget to check out the other tips and tricks Monster Hunter Stories 2 on our dedicated guide page.

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