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Mookie Betts Had 30 Minutes to Decide Whether He’d Join the MLB or Tennessee Baseball: ‘I Thought I Sucked’

It’s been a crazy year for Mookie Betts. A few weeks ago the Boston Red Sox outfielder was making a run for the Triple Crown, but has slowed down to a crawl since the All-Star Break. Betts was having a pretty good year before the break, batting .351/.426/.611 with 19 home runs and 9 steals.

The Red Sox 2016 MVP has been a prominent member of the Boston media circuit since he was drafted in 2010, most notably working at NESN, but he’s decided to take his relationship with the team to the next level. Tonight at 8:00 PM ET, Betts tweeted that he will be announcing with the @MLBNetwork on their new show, MLB ‘When I Dream.’

It’s a bit of a miracle that Mookie Betts has been able to keep the expectations of the Red Sox front office in check. After all, he had only just turned 20 years old in August of 2017, and was a completely unproven player. But it hasn’t stopped the Sox from being absolutely giddy about his potential.

Dodgers star Mookie Betts has already cemented his legacy in the Baseball Hall of Fame. He left an indelible mark on the Boston Red Sox team and soon earned his second World Series ring after transferring to Los Angeles. There is no doubt that he is one of the best baseball players of his generation, even in high school. The only one who disagrees is a younger version of Betts himself. Always striving for perfection, he couldn’t understand that his strengths were the very ones that usually translated into MLB success. As incredible as it seems, he thought he was bad at baseball.

Mookie Betts had to choose between three sports

. Betts didn’t find baseball so much as the sport that made his career found him. According to GQ’s profile of the future Hall of Fame member, he was more interested in bowling and basketball. Baseball, on the other hand, seemed too demanding and versatile for his abilities. I thought I was bad, Betts told GQ. He loved playing basketball, but his height was always a problem. For a time Betts pinned his hopes on bowling, where his growing understanding of the physics of the game paid off in the form of a series of perfect matches. Baseball was a side project, a way to have fun with a sport that most of his friends played. And in baseball, size was also an issue. Betts was a good defender, but he couldn’t hit the ball as hard as expected. He made up for it by finishing high school with a .509 batting average. A boy who thought he was worthless and decided to concentrate on bowling became one of the best young baseball players in the country.

Betts only had 30 minutes to choose between college and MLB

word-image-12176 With the Boston Red Sox, Mookie Betts wins the 2018 American League MVP award, while his family looks on | Billie Weiss/Boston Red Sox/Getty Images Betts was surprised by the evolution of his skills. Few people around me were as shocked by this result. He had to mentally relegate basketball and his beloved bowling talent to a hobby rather than a possible path to professional sport. Universities flooded him with offers. And MLB teams have been sniffing around, too. According to Masslive, the 17-year-old Nashville native decided to attend the University of Tennessee on a baseball scholarship. He was looking forward to college and hoping to develop his skills into something more coherent from his perspective. But one of the Red Sox scouts saw him play and brought the tape to the Boston scouts. They selected Betts in the 2011 draft. Betts, who is still unsure if he is ready for a smooth transition to the big leagues, has taken precautions. He demanded a signing bonus of $750,000 to leave Tennessee. To his horror, the Sox put together a package to give him exactly that. Thirty minutes before the deadline, Betts had to make the most important decision of his life. He took the money.

Mookie Betts was driven to sign a huge contract with the Dodgers by the thought that he was worthless.

Outfielder Mookie Betts and the Los Angeles Dodgers have agreed on a 12-year, $365 million contract extension, sources familiar with the terms of the deal told ESPN. Add to that the one-year, $27 million contract he currently has, and the total would be 13 years and $392 million. – Jeff Passan (@JeffPassan) July 22, 2020 For a time, Betts was the future of baseball in Boston. As the old guard that terrorized the MLB faded in the 2000s, a fresh Betts gave fans hope for a smooth transition to continued dominance. But with a World Series ring on his finger, the free agent signed with the Dodgers. It wasn’t his decision to make. Of course, a one-year, $27 million offer meant that a re-entry to Los Angeles would be historically huge. But Betts never wanted to leave Boston. It was Red Sox management that decided not to make a reasonable deal for him. However, according to NBC Sports, Betts can rest easy with the 12-year, $365 million extension he signed. The fact that he immediately helped the team win the World Series probably didn’t hurt either. COMPARED TO: What is the real name of Dodgers star Mookie Betts?

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