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The developer of the survival game Muck unveiled a new world boss simply titled Chief in the newest update 1.3. The Chief’s Spear is a new weapon carried by this boss, which he may drop after defeat. In this guide, you will learn how to defeat Chief in Muck.

If you vanquish this new foe, you’ll not only receive exceptional prizes, but you’ll also gain access to a new Chief accomplishment. This guide will teach you about the finest armor, weapons, and upgrades for defeating Chief, as well as a comprehensive explanation of all of his maneuvers and techniques for avoiding them.

How to Defeat Chief Muck

Get Ready to Fight

Because Chief wields the game’s most powerful melee weapon, the Chief’s Spear, it’s best to create the game’s most powerful armor before taking on this new monster.

Players may now create a new form of armor made of Obamium ore, which is the best material for crafting the armor set with the most defenses in the game, thanks to one of the most recent Muck updates.

The following recipe can be used to make Obamium armor in an anvil:

  • 5x Obamium bar Helmet
  • 15x Obamium bar in the chest
  • 15x Obamium bar Legs
  • 5x Obamium bar shoes

Aside from the Chief’s Spear, the Night Blade is the best weapon in the game, and it can be found in cave chests or crafted. If you still don’t have one, you should make one using the following recipe:

  • 1 × Shard of Black
  • Dark Oak Wood (15x)
  • Obamium bar tenfold

However, Night Blade may not be the greatest weapon against the Chief during a specific attack; instead, use a bow and arrows.

The best bow in Muck right now is the Ancient Bow, which can be made in the fletching table with this recipe:

Ancient Bone can be discovered in the Fletcher’s Hut’s free chest or dropped by the Gronk boss.

Lightning arrows are the best type of arrows to use if you want to do the most damage on Chief. These can be made with the assistance of:

  • Lightning Ball (one)
  • 1 pound of dark oak wood

Only Lightning Dave mobs drop Lightning Balls. Use fire arrows instead if you can’t find these.

You should also stack up some of the following upgrades in addition to the weapons and armor you’ll need for the Chief boss fight:

  • Dagger of Crimson
  • Horseshoe
  • Juice
  • Adrenaline
  • Berserk
  • Sniper Scope is a type of scope used by snipers.

These upgrades are intended to raise your health and critical hit chance, which is especially crucial versus Chief’s buffed version.

Defeat the Commander

Because certain of Chief’s attack patterns are similar to those of the Gronk boss, he can be compared to him. But he has his own tricks up his sleeve, so be ready for them all.

You must be mindful of the following attack patterns once you summon Chief by interacting with his statue:

  • Attack with a slam. He slams his spear into the ground as his normal attack. This only happens if you approach too close to Chief, so stay a safe distance and you won’t be bothered.
  • Twirl Attack is a game where you spin around and around. Chief will make an unusual sound to alert you about his whirling attack. Then he spins around and hits anything that catches his spear. Simply reverse your direction and begin shooting him with your bow until he stops spinning.
  • Strike with a Leap. You shouldn’t run too far away from Chief, since he will use the leap strike attack, which involves him leaping forward and slamming his spear into the ground.
  • Throw a spear. Gronk’s sword toss is extremely similar to this strike. In this circumstance, your only option is to hide behind the trees and rocks. The spear will cause a lot of harm if it catches you. You’ll have ample time to take a cover, fortunately.

You will have limited windows of opportunity to do damage to Chief in between these attack patterns.

He can be killed in five direct hits with the Night Blade, but with the upgrades, he can be killed in three. So stock up on upgrades and wait for your assault windows to open. You will easily defeat Chief in no time.


After you defeat the Chief boss, he will drop the following things at random (with drop rates):

  • 50-100 coins (100 percent )
  • 5-15 inches of oak wood (40 percent )
  • Core of the Universe (33 percent )
  • 5-15 Dark Oak Wood (20 percent )
  • Tip for Spear (10 percent )
  • The Spear of the Chief (2.5 percent )

That’s all there is to know about defeating Muck’s Chief boss. If you’re interested in learning more about Muck, visit our dedicated guides page.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you beat boss muck?

You have to be quick and dodge his attacks.

Who is chief in muck?

Chief is the chief of a tribe.

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