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‘My Best Friend Is Dead’

The 2018 World Cup is underway in Russia, and the American team has had a rough start. But there’s one bright spot for US fans: their best friend is still alive.

My friend died suddenly, and I felt like the world was ending.

Allen Iverson’s “practice” news conference, along with Dennis Green’s “We are who we thought they were” and Jim Mora’s “Playoffs?” tirades, will go down in history as one of the most hilarious sports rants of all time. All three were spontaneous emotional outbursts in reaction to one or more questions. Green’s and Mora’s were harsher than the others, while Iverson’s seemed to be irritation on the surface. It was about something far larger than basketball in actuality.

Iverson had lost his closest buddy in a shooting seven months prior to the tragic news conference. Understandably, the emotion that had been simmering in the background of his answer to that day’s inquiry burst out. The true significance of his response had nothing to do with the word he repeated 22 times.

One of the most famous sports events of the past several decades is Allen Iverson’s “practice” outburst.

Allen Iverson sits courtside during the 2001 NBA Finals. Iverson's famous During the NBA finals, Allen Iverson of the Philadelphia 76ers sits on the sideline and observes the game. | AFP/JEFF HAYNES/Getty Images

Allen Iverson was a 14-year NBA veteran who won the 2000-01 MVP award, was a four-time scoring champion, and was inducted into the Naismith Memorial Basketball Hall of Fame. The Answer will be remembered for his tenacity and unwillingness to surrender to any obstacle.

Fans will remember Iverson’s off-court antics as well. The 6-foot guard was dubbed a ball hog and selfish at times. He had a tumultuous legal history before even beginning his professional career.

Apart from his run to the finals in 2000-01, AI is most remembered for his “practice” news conference.

On the surface, Iverson’s tirade seemed to be amusing, but it came from a place of grief and sadness.

According to SI.com, Iverson was asked about his commitment to practice and the potential of a trade from Philadelphia, and then proceeded to amuse the whole NBA world in the following minutes. Those minutes are still with us.

But AI wasn’t there to amuse you. He was given a question that set him off at a required press conference, and he let months of secretly held emotions erupt publicly in a manner we’ll never forget. He used the word “practice” 22 times in the first few minutes of his tirade.

“We’re in here talking about practice, and I’m supposed to be the franchise player. I mean, we’re talking about practice, right? This isn’t a game. This isn’t a game. This isn’t a game. We’re discussing practice. This isn’t a game. Not the game for which I would die and play every game as if it were my last. This isn’t the game. Man, we’re talking about practice.”

Part of Allen Iverson’s well-known “practice” tirade

That’s where the sound byte usually stops, but the press conference didn’t. Iverson went on to say:

“I’m angry for one reason: I’m trapped within. I was defeated. My closest buddy passed away. I didn’t win him, and I didn’t win this year either. As far as that is concerned, everything is going downhill for me. You know, as far as my life is concerned. After that, I have to deal with this.

“My dearest buddy has passed away. Dead. And we were defeated. And this is what I’m going to have to deal with for the rest of the summer until the season ends.”

The often-overlooked continuation of Iverson’s “practice” news conference

The former Georgetown standout wasn’t even “talkin’ about practice” when he said that. However, the remainder of his emotional outpouring is often overlooked.

More than anything else, Iverson’s “practice” outburst should be remembered with sympathy.

Was it amusing when Iverson said the same thing 22 times? That was the case. Was there a humorous portion of the press conference? Sure. The second part of his answer, however, cannot be overlooked. There was a cause for Iverson’s passionate response.

The majority saw The Answer’s comments as self-serving. It was simply further evidence that he saw himself as superior to the team and the company. The human aspect of that day, as well as the true cause for his emotional outburst, are virtually usually overlooked. Anyone mourning in the same manner as Iverson was at the time of his life might have cried in the same way.

AI happened to be a well-known NBA player who had a public breakdown. Unfortunately, his sorrow is misinterpreted as laughter at the time, and he is remembered for the wrong reasons.

Basketball-Reference provided the statistics and honors.

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