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My Time at Sandrock Commissions Guide

My time at Sandrock Commissions, a company which specializes in the sale of video game and fantasy sports merchandise. I worked on commission-based sales for both games, as well as taking care of social media and customer service

The “my time at sandrock cheats” is a guide that was made to help players through the game. It includes tips, tricks, and walkthroughs.

In My Time at Sandrock, commissions are some of the most essential jobs you may do outside of – and occasionally in instead of – the major plot objectives. These modest (and not-so-small) requests put your construction talents to the test, but the payoff is worth it in more ways than one.

How Commissions Worked at Sandrock During My Time There

Soon after you’ve settled into your new profession as a builder, commissions become available. Talk to Yan in the commission shop, and he’ll walk you through the essentials. You start with low-tier commissions and work your way up until you’ve completed a large number of commissions and raised your workshop level. Take your first from the bulletin board at the shop’s entrance.

Completing commissions is mostly for the purpose of gaining Workshop experience and obtaining Gols (money).

Unlocking higher commission levels also allows you to take on more work at a given tier. You’ll only be allowed to accept one at a time at the lowest tier when you initially start off, for example. That isn’t always a terrible thing.

Commissions are timed, and if you don’t produce the desired materials before the end of the commission’s last day, you’ll fail and get no prizes. In the first month or two of My Time at Sandrock, resources are few, thus you’re unlikely to be able to complete many tasks.

It’s still worthwhile to perform low-tier tasks after you have access to high-level commissions. They simply need basic resources, which you’ll be able to furnish with ease after you’ve worked as a builder for a few months. As a result, they’re a stable source of consistent revenue in addition to the more difficult and higher-paying jobs.


Because you have a limited amount of time, be selective about the commissions you accept. In Sandrock, it’s easy to overbook your calendar, so be sure you have enough time to acquire resources and construct the essential products before the deadline.

You must personally send the desired things to the person who listed them, something the game does not notify you about. If you’re not sure where to look, go to the main menu and access the task list to hunt down the commission.

Sandrock’s early access version seems to have a few major problems, with the board becoming entirely blank on occasion. If this occurs and no new ones arrive, either restart the game or wait until the following in-game day, when a new one should appear.

In My Time at Sandrock, that’s pretty much it for commissions. It’s a simple strategy that you should use on a daily basis to fatten your wallet and improve your workshop grade. Check out our other My Time at Sandrock guides for additional helpful hints and suggestions.

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