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My Time at Sandrock: How to Increase Backpack Inventory Space

The introduction of new players to the sport makes it difficult for them to buy into your game without an initial purchase. In order to help create a more accessible experience, you need space in which these newcomers can play with their friends and other interested people who may not have been introduced yet.

The “my time at sandrock cheats” is a guide on how to increase the inventory space. The guide will also include a list of items that can be sold for money.


It may be a little tedious working at Sandrock. To create additional materials, tools, and schematics, you’ll need to spend a lot of time gathering resources. Despite having 29 backpack spaces at the beginning, it soon becomes clear that you simply cannot carry all you need without having a degree in inventory management. 

It’s really rather simple to add more inventory space. Even during your first few days in Sandrock, there is a little instruction on how to accomplish it. But it’s incredibly simple to overlook. How to gain extra bag spaces is as follows: 

  • Activate the inventory.
  • In the very last spot, click the plus (+) symbol.

Based on how many Gols you now have, a little option will appear asking you how many spaces you’d want to add. For the first 11, one additional inventory space costs 10 Gols. With additional additions, that cost rises: 

  • 20 Gols for spots 12 through 21.
  • 50 Gols for positions 22 through 31.
  • 32 through at least 34 slots with 100 Gols.

Since Gols are a little hard to come by, I haven’t used them all on inventory space to find out how many more places you can add overall, but you can add at least 34.

The Gol to space ratio is obviously depending on the overall amount of slots you have in your inventory, however. It is not possible to purchase 11 seats for 10 Gols each and then purchase another 11 for 10 Gols each. Starting at the 12th position, you will always pay 20 Gols; at the 22nd, 50 Gols; and so forth.

You may unlock Storage Knowledge by progressing through the Knowledge Tree (must unlock Yard Knowledge first). This skill’s levels reduce the price of adding extra bag spaces by 5% apiece, for a combined 10% reduction.

It’s also important to note that before moving to a new page, each page of your inventory may hold 40 slots. Once you’ve earned your first 40 spots, you may navigate between pages by clicking the blue arrow on the far right side of the screen.

You won’t need to visit your workshop and storage crates as much now that you have greater inventory space and all of that information. Visit our My Time at Sandrock guidelines page for further advice.

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