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NFL Analytics Expert Warren Sharp Makes the Case That the New Orleans Saints are the Dumbest Team in the NFL

One of the most important elements in evaluating a team is their ability to win close games. The New Orleans Saints are one of the best teams when it comes to winning by small margins, but they lost out on another opportunity for an upset victory with Sunday’s loss against Atlanta Falcons.

The “NFL Analytics Expert Warren Sharp Makes the Case That the New Orleans Saints are the Dumbest Team in the NFL” is a blog post that was written by Warren Sharp, who is an analytics expert for ESPN. He makes a case that the New Orleans Saints are dumb and doesn’t know what they’re doing. Read more in detail here: warren sharp nfl.

The majority of NFL deals include draft selections. This might make determining a transaction’s long-term success or failure difficult. By the time the selections are made, most fans have forgotten which picks went for which other choices or which players. However, NFL statistics expert Warren Sharp just provided an eye-opening graphic that details what the New Orleans Saints have given up in previous years vs what they’ve received in return. It also does not reflect well on the club or general manager Mickey Loomis.  

The front office of the New Orleans Saints has been busy recently.

Everyone should be concerned about how the Saints’ roster will be affected by the smaller salary limit this season.

GM Mickey Loomis: Yes, we most certainly are pic.twitter.com/HJnaUNqCKT

— Field Yates (@FieldYates) March 9, 2021

In 2002, Mickey Loomis was named general manager of the New Orleans Saints. Because of his stint with the NBA’s New Orleans Pelicans, he may have been more eager to trade and make moves from the outset than many of his peers.

Loomis has assembled good Saints lineups year after year over the last two decades, keeping the club in the NFC playoff hunt year after year. Loomis’ greatest coup was bringing in Drew Brees in 2006. For it, he was named NFL Executive of the Year, and three seasons later, he won the Super Bowl.

Since then, the GM’s largest yearly success has been continually manipulating the salary cap to retain a win-now squad.

After all of their success, Loomis and the Saints have reached a fork in the road. Brees left after the 2020 season, while head coach Sean Payton left after the 2021 season. Loomis is now attempting to reload rather than rebuild, and in order to do so, he is engaging in a variety of transactions.

The difficulty is that when you write those transactions down (or look at them on a computer screen), they don’t appear as nice.

The Saints have converted a large investment in the draft into a tiny profit.

This is really ridiculous.

in order to draft WR Chris Olave, OT Trevor Penning & a 6th….

The Saints handed up draft selections worth the following:

WR A.J. Brown WR Jahan Dotson RB Brian Robinson Jr QB Sam Howell TE Cole Turner LB Kyron Johnson 2023 1st round pk 2024 2nd round pk pic.twitter.com/g3eJ8K5eI5

— Warren Sharp (@SharpFootball) May 3, 2022

On Twitter, NFL statistics specialist Warren Sharp shared a flow chart depicting the transactions made by Mickey Loomis and the New Orleans Saints leading up to and during the 2022 NFL Draft. The Saints sent out a total of eight draft selections and received three in return.

With Ohio State wide receiver Chris Olave (No. 11), Northern Iowa lineman Trevor Penning (No. 19), and Air Force defensive tackle Jordan Jackson, the Saints were able to walk away from these agreements (No. 194).

In a vacuum, it may seem to be a respectable haul. It doesn’t look good when you see what the Saints’ choices for other teams did.

Loomis’ dubious draft trades benefited both the Washington Commanders and the Philadelphia Eagles.  

Jahan Dotson of Penn State and Brian Robinson Jr. of Alabama were selected by the Commanders. They also traded one of the Saints’ draft selections to the Carolina Panthers, who used it to choose North Carolina quarterback Sam Howell and Nevada tight end Cole Turner.

The Eagles fared the best of all the teams. They selected Kansas linebacker Kyron Johnson in the first round of the 2023 draft and possess the Saints’ second-round pick in 2024. They also traded New Orleans’ Nos. 19 and 101 2022 selections to the Tennessee Titans in exchange for Pro Bowl wide receiver A.J. Brown.

After Sharp laid out Loomis’ 2022 draft misadventure, former Green Bay Packers executive Andrew Brandt tweeted a statement confirming what the chart suggested. Brandt claims that the Saints have now “become an easy mark for shrewd general managers.”

For 2022, the picture in New Orleans is bleak.

Getty Images | Mickey Loomis | Stephen Lew/Icon Sportswire

It’s no small feat for the New Orleans Saints to add Chris Olave and Trevor Penning to their roster. Although it is little in compared to the sums received by other clubs for the franchise’s draft selections. Olave, on the other hand, is considered by some to be the finest wideout in the 2022 draft. And, divisive as he is, Penning has all of the characteristics necessary to become a cornerstone left tackle in the league.

No. 49 Tennessee CB Alontae Taylor and No. 161 Appalachian State LB D’Marco Jackson were also added by Mickey Loomis and his staff. In 2021, the two guys will join an elite defense that allowed the fourth fewest points in the NFL.  

The issue for the Saints in 2022 is on the offensive side of the ball.

Drew Brees at quarterback and Sean Payton on the headset were the driving drivers in the organization’s success over the previous two decades, in addition to Loomis’ clever salary cap manipulation. Jameis Winston and head coach Dennis Allen, who has an 8-28 career record after three years with the Oakland Raiders, have taken their places.

The Saints’ offensive line also lost Pro Bowl LT Terron Armstead to free agency this summer, and the status of All-Pro WR Michael Thomas, who missed the whole 2017 season, is still unknown.

The Saints might have a difficult 2022 season, particularly if Tom Brady returns to the division-rival Tampa Bay Buccaneers. The fact that the rest of the NFC South — the Carolina Panthers and Atlanta Falcons — are still a year or two away from being a year or two away might be New Orleans’ best saving grace.

Pro Football Reference provided all stats.

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Warren Sharp is an NFL Analytics Expert who has made the case that the New Orleans Saints are the dumbest team in the NFL. He also makes a point to say that he doesn’t think they’re as bad as their record suggests. Reference: warren sharp background.

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