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NFL Insider Hints Jimmy Garoppolo is the Indianapolis Colts’ Next Target

The Indianapolis Colts are reportedly in talks with the New England Patriots about trading for quarterback Jimmy Garoppolo, who is set to become a free agent after this season.

The “jimmy garoppolo trade patriots” is a rumor that Jimmy Garoppolo will be traded to the Indianapolis Colts. The Patriots are rumored to want a first round pick in return for their backup quarterback.

The blows kept coming a day after Aaron Rodgers and Russell Wilson shook the NFL. Carson Wentz was traded from the Indianapolis Colts to the Washington Commanders, causing controversy. This raises the issue of who the Colts’ next quarterback will be. One possibility, according to NFL Insider Ian Rapoport: Jimmy Garoppolo, quarterback for the San Francisco 49ers.

The Indianapolis Colts trade Carson Wentz to the Washington Commanders.

According to reports, the following are the conditions of trade…

The Colts will get a third-round selection in 2022. 2023 third-round selection, which may be upgraded to a second if Carson Wentz plays 70% of the time. 2nd-round selection in 2022

The Commanders will get a second-round selection in 2022 from quarterback Carson Wentz.

— Adam Schefter (@AdamSchefter) March 9, 2022

The Washington Commanders are said to have contacted every NFL club that could have a quarterback available in the summer of 2022. The newly-minted Commanders had a horrible day on Tuesday as a result of this.

The Green Bay Packers have confirmed that Aaron Rodgers will remain with the team, while the Seattle Seahawks have dealt Russell Wilson to the Denver Broncos. That’s two of the top three quarterback prospects for the 2022 offseason, and the third, Deshaun Watson, has a lot of questions. Furthermore, bringing in a player with continuing legal matters involving women to an organization with ongoing legal problems involving women would be detrimental to Washington.

The quarterback market for clubs in need of a quarterback has reduced as a result of this fact. It also seems to have prompted the Commanders to relocate, ensuring that they are not the last squad standing when the music finishes.

According to ESPN’s Adam Schefter, the Indianapolis Colts will get a 2022 third-round selection, a 2023 third-round pick (“that may become a second if Carson Wentz plays 70 percent of the plays”), and a 2022 second-round pick in exchange for Wentz and their 2022 second-round pick.

The Commanders are also picking up Wentz’s entire $28 million salary in 2022, per Schefter on Twitter.

It’s a respectable haul for a quarterback who has a career record of 44-40-1. However, it doesn’t fully compensate the Colts for sending 2022 first-round and 2021 third-round selections to the Philadelphia Eagles in order to get Wentz in the first place.

Now that the Wentz era in Indiana has come to an end, the issue is who will take its place.

Jimmy Garoppolo might be a target for the Colts, according to Ian Rapoport.

The #Colts have now entered the QB race again, and expect them to be in the mix for Jimmy Garoppolo, as well.

— Ian Rapoport (@RapSheet) March 9, 2022

In less than 24 hours, the 2022 offseason quarterback market changed from being brimming with options to being swiftly shutting.  

Three of the top quarterbacks anticipated to move in 2022 have sorted their circumstances after the Carson Wentz deal. That leaves (maybe) a small number of starting-caliber signal-callers accessible.

Tom Brady, Deshaun Watson, Derek Carr, Ryan Tannehill, Gardner Minshew, Jordan Love, Mitchell Trubisky, Jameis Winston, Cam Newton, and Jimmy Garoppolo are among the quarterbacks still on the market. And for guys like Brady, Carr, and Tannehill, playing for a new (or, in Brady’s case, any) club in 2022 is a long shot.

The Indianapolis Colts, on the other hand, are in desperate need of a quarterback right now. They absolutely need one, as the squad was one defeat away from making the playoffs after an ugly Week 18 loss to the Jacksonville Jaguars.

NFL Network’s Ian Rapoport took to Twitter shortly after the Colts made the Carson Wentz trade and wrote, “The #Colts have re-entered the quarterback competition, and they’re expected to be a contender for Jimmy Garoppolo as well.”

While the insider did not specify “sources claim” Jimmy G is the Colts’ primary target, Rapoport’s tweet indicates that he feels that is the case.

If Garoppolo is the desired objective, the Colts must move quickly and forcefully to secure his services.

The price of the remaining quarterbacks rises with each one that leaves the market. The San Francisco 49ers could also afford to retain Garoppolo and 2021 draft selection Trey Lance with a $26.9 million salary cost next year.

Chris Ballard, it’s your turn.

In 2022, the Carson Wentz deal will result in some entertaining matches.

After the Carson Wentz trade to the Washington Commanders, the Indianapolis Colts may be targeting San Francisco 49ers QB Jimmy Garoppolo (R) to replace Wentz (L).

After the Carson Wentz trade to the Washington Commanders, the Indianapolis Colts may be targeting San Francisco 49ers QB Jimmy Garoppolo (R) to replace Wentz (L). Carson Wentz and Jimmy Garoppolo (from left to right) | Julio Aguilar/Getty Images; Robin Alam/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

Fans will have to wait another month or two to start marking their calendars, but with the Carson Wentz deal, we know the Washington Commanders will have a few interesting games on their schedule.

Returning to the NFC East, Wentz will face the club that picked him second overall out of North Dakota State in 2016.

The Philadelphia Eagles’ games have become must-see events, as Wentz will be visiting the City of Brotherly Love for the first time since the club won the Super Bowl without him.

This game should be extremely Philly-y if the Washington franchise doesn’t get Philly supporters worked up enough when they arrive to town.

In addition, the AFC South and the NFC East will meet this season by chance. According to Commanders.com, this implies Wentz and the Commanders will go to Indianapolis to play the Colts at some time.

These three games will either be the Wentz Revenge Tour or a stark reminder to Colts and Eagles fans why they passed on a highly touted quarterback. In any case, they’ll undoubtedly aid us in determining a winner and a loser in the Carson Wentz deal by seeing what transpires on the field.

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