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Orc Warchief: Strategy City Builder Forges Release Window

Orc Warchief is a strategy game for iOS devices that blends match-3 gameplay with city-building and tower defense mechanics.  In that spirit, the game features a city builder where players must design their own city, and a tower defense mode that allows players to build and upgrade a variety of defenses to protect their city from invading orcs.

Announced at the end of March, Orc Warchief is a city-building game that takes place in the dark world of orcish ruins. You must lead your tribe of orcs in a quest to expand your civilization and ultimately claim a home in the legendary “Strategy City”.

Orc Warchief: Strategy City Builder , released in February, was the first in a series of Strategy City Builder games from indie studio, Tindalos Interactive. The RTS genre has been the subject of criticism for decades, but Orc Warchief readies players for the coming wave of savvy RTS fans and newcomers with a unique twist on what it means to build a city.

Orc Chief: Strategy City Builder is an upcoming strategy game from independent developer G-DEVS and publisher Creative Forge Games. You play as an ork warlord with a legion of orcs to conquer and defend your territory. The game was announced very late last year, but is now scheduled for release on Steam for PC in 2022. It is up to you to ensure the survival and success of your people by gathering supplies, building villages and, of course, destroying those who stand in your way.

. ChallengeOrc Leader: Strategy City Builder is that you, as Orcs, are far behind the people who defeated the Orcs long ago in the Great War. Eager for revenge, you will restore your Orcs to their rightful place as the sole masters of the land. In addition to soldiers and siege weapons, you’ll apparently be managing other areas of the orc village, such as hunting and gathering resources, as well as forging weapons and more. There’s still a lot we don’t know about Orc Chief : Strategy City Builder, and it is not yet known if the game will also appear in other stores, such as the Epic Games Store. More information on this will be provided later in the year as 2022 approaches.

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