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Patrick Mahomes’ Trainer Says the Quarterback Has the ‘Most Athletic Spine I’ve Ever Seen’

The Chiefs are sitting at 8-1 and are cruising towards the playoffs, but Patrick Mahomes’ play hasn’t been as dominant as we’ve come to expect. Pro Football Focus grades Mahomes as the second-best quarterback in the NFL this season, but he has just one game with a QB rating over 100.3 in 2017.

As if being drafted with the 10th overall pick in the 2018 NFL Draft wasn’t enough, the Kansas City Chiefs drafted a quarterback who may have the best physical skills of any QB to come through the draft in the last ten years. In fact, Patrick Mahomes has the most athletic spine I’ve ever seen. A highly accomplished athlete himself (winning several national championships with the University of Texas), Mahomes’ trainer and college football teammate confirms that Mahomes’ runs the 40-yard dash in 4.3 seconds, the vertical jump is 35.5 inches, the broad jump is 10 feet, and the shuttle run is 4.4 seconds. With all of these great physical tools, Mahomes’ film actually shows that his arm is

When Patrick Mahomes was drafted by the Chiefs in the first round of the 2017 NFL draft, the football world paid attention. Mahomes was a rookie quarterback drafted in the first round for a reason; he had one of the strongest arms in the draft, adding to his incredible throwing speed. The Chiefs had a very good offense, but no quarterback to carry the team through many games.

Patrick Mahomes was the Chiefs’ starting quarterback for three seasons. During that time, he had a season of 50 touchdowns, was voted MVP, won the Super Bowl and was a second-round Super Bowl pick. You won’t get these results if you don’t dedicate your life to strength training. The QB has had the same coach, Bobby Strop, since he was in fourth grade. Strope says Mahomes’ athletic spine helps the quarterback throw the ball as well as he does.

Who is Patrick Mahome’s coach, Bobby Strope?

. Bobby Stroop is an athletic trainer and founder of the ATHLETE Performance Enhancement Center (APEC), according to his bio on the SimpliFaster website. As President of EPAC, he is responsible for developing coaching systems, making strategic decisions and leading a team of elite coaches who train athletes. Stroups team currently supports over 100 NFL and MLB athletes. Over 20 people have trained with his system since grade school. Mahomes is one of those athletes, and the list of top talent that Stroop works with includes Rockies shortstop Trevor Story.

Syrup explains the unique physicality of the Mahones

word-image-2831 Patrick Mahomes twists his body to throw a football. Christian Petersen/Getty Images Men’s Health talked about Stroop and his relationship with Mahomes. When Stroop began working with the Super Bowl champion, who was only a fourth-rounder at the time, he already knew Mahomes possessed a unique physical strength that he didn’t want to mess with. What makes Mahomes’ body unique is his spine. Stroop says it’s the most athletic backbone he’s ever seen. KB can turn his body in all directions, which prompted Men’s Health to compare him to Gumby. Mahomes’ flexibility in his spine and upper body helps him recover from sacks and improves his passing skills. Mahomes’ unique mobility allows him to bend his spine to create a spring in his torso. His ability to quickly turn on his shoulders helps him make the throws that fans know him for.

Patrick Mahomes’ commitment to training

Because Strope knows Mahomes’ body, he builds the player’s training around that knowledge. Stroop always offers a series of exercises that test the flexibility of the entire body. One such exercise is the chunk drill, where you bend to the side with your upper body turned as much as possible to look directly behind you. Most athletes can’t do that, but Mahomes is one of those who can. He trusts Stroop to keep challenging me, to keep bringing me new things. The movements with the Medball, which contribute to the load on the spine, are an important part of the training program. In med ball training, the ball is thrown 30 meters overhead across the field. Mahomes then does laser sprints before squatting on the Keiser trainer. The Keiser looks like a normal weight machine. Instead of dumbbells, however, it uses pneumatic resistance, allowing you to train at full power, more so than with standard trainers or free weights. When Men’s Health attended Mahomes’ workout, he did a total of 23 drills and 40 passes. And his dedication drives him to train almost every day. The Chiefs had a day off on Tuesday in early December, two days after securing a playoff spot. But Mahomes didn’t take the day off, he was in an empty gym with Stroop and wanted his old coach to train with him. COMPARED TO: The scandalous side of Tom Brady’s coach and business partner, Alex GuerreroKansas City Chiefs quarterback Patrick Mahomes may not be a household name, but the former college star has a great deal of talent under center. Stunning throws and lightning-fast spins are just two of the many things Mahomes is capable of. But there’s something else about him that’s pretty unique: his spine.. Read more about patrick mahomes’ diet and let us know what you think.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Mahomes the most talented QB ever?

The most talented quarterbacks of all time come from a wide base of backgrounds, and the number of guys who have won the Heisman Trophy is quite high (four). The most recent winner was Baker Mayfield of the Oklahoma Sooners, and he is the only quarterback of that group to have won the award since the Heisman Trophy became a default selection. Mayfield is also the only quarterback to have finished in the top five in Heisman voting three times, which is a testament to his consistency in leading an explosive offense. The 2017 NFL season was a record-setting year for quarterbacks, as the league saw a record of six quarterbacks pass for over 4,000 yards (including Mahomes’ record 5,063 yards). The 2018 season is shaping up to be another exciting year, as the league will see two of the most talented quarterbacks in the NFL: Baker Mayfield and Patrick Mahomes. Each quarterback has his own strengths and weaknesses, but which one is more talented?

Has Mahomes been cleared from concussion protocol?

The Kansas City Chiefs’ first-round draft pick, Patrick Mahomes, has been cleared to play. This is a big deal, considering the Chiefs have started the season 0-2, and Mahomes is the front-runner to win MVP. After a week in the concussion protocol, Chiefs quarterback Patrick Mahomes has been officially cleared to return. Mahomes missed the Chiefs’ Week 7 loss to the Colts while he was in the protocol, and the team has not yet determined when he will be cleared. Coach Andy Reid has indicated that the Chiefs have not yet determined whether Mahomes will play in Week 8.

Did Mahomes play well in Super Bowl?

The first sports superstar to ever get drafted out of Texas Tech, Patrick Mahomes has already set the NFL on fire since his arrival in the league. Mahomes has taken the league by storm, setting records for touchdown passes, passing yards, and more. The former Tech QB has performed exceptionally well in the playoffs, despite the fact that his team lost every game. Those who have followed his career say he was destined to be a great player in the NFL, and he has answered all questions about whether he can excel in the pro game. Every so often, the sports media will report that a player “played like a superstar” in the Super Bowl. This was the case for Patrick Mahomes, who threw for 402 yards and four touchdowns in his first career start in his hometown, playing behind a depleted offensive line and without star running back Damien Williams, who was serving a suspension for violating the NFL’s drug policy.

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