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Pete Carroll’s Clueless Approach to Russell Wilson Is Doing the Seahawks More Harm Than Good

Seattle Seahawks quarterback Russell Wilson is the type of player who has a special magic about him that cannot be explained. He’s talented, but more importantly he gets things done and does them well. But Pete Carroll seems to have no idea what to do with his star player on offense, which is doing some serious damage as Seattle continues their losing streak in recent weeks.

Pete Carroll’s “clueless approach” to Russell Wilson is doing the Seahawks more harm than good. The team has suffered a lot of injuries and their record isn’t what it should be because of this. Read more in detail here: pete carroll.

The Seattle Seahawks are in bad trouble heading into the offseason, despite their great Week 18 blowout victory over the Detroit Lions (51-29). They’ll end the season with seven victories or less, putting them in last place in the NFC West.

Russell Wilson, the quarterback, is at the center of Seattle’s troubles. For the future Hall of Famer, it was a bad year. However, everyone has bad years now and again; it’s not a huge deal. The main issue is that Wilson’s Seattle clock looks to be running out of time. He is expected to seek a trade this offseason, according to many NFL experts and sources.

Russell Wilson’s time with the Seahawks might be dwindling.

Wilson has been toying with the thought of leaving Seattle for more than two years. In 2019, he came close to approving a trade to the New York Giants, and in 2020, he had his agency disclose a list of potential destinations. Wilson’s annoyances seem to have come from two different places. For starters, the Seahawks haven’t won a Super Bowl since 2014. Second, Wilson and Seahawks head coach Pete Carroll seem to disagree on how the offense should be handled.

Carroll has made it clear that he wants to run the ball at a high pace, while Wilson is more likely to throw. For what it’s worth, the Seahawks are more successful when Wilson can let it all hang out.

Carroll and Wilson had always been able to patch things up in the past since they had a big common interest. They both wanted to win, and their previous performances were proof of that. They’re one of the most successful NFL tandems.

This year, on the other hand, was a completely different story. Seattle’s inability to repeat its previous triumphs threw doubt on Wilson’s intention to stay in town.

Pete Carroll seemed to be completely ignorant to the issue.

Seahawks HC Pete Carroll and QB Russell Wilson.

Seahawks HC Pete Carroll and QB Russell Wilson. Russell Wilson and Pete Carroll | Getty Images/Steph Chambers

Wilson may just desire a new start for the sake of having one, and nothing the Seahawks do will persuade him to return in 2022. However, it would be a huge mistake to look at this circumstance without pointing the finger at Carroll. Wilson’s displeasure stems in part from his offensive intransigence.

Carroll’s answer to the Wilson incident was not exactly one of self-accountability when challenged about it.

“The kinds of chats we have behind the scenes don’t match the speculations,” Carroll added. “OK? That’s right, they’re not at all. We’ve been conversing. Throughout the season, we’ve been together and bonded. That’s why it’s so simple to disregard them right now.”

Either Carroll is blind to the backroom conversation or he is downplaying Wilson’s anger for the benefit of the Seahawks.

How will the Seahawks be able to retain Russell Wilson in Seattle?

Just wanted to say something before whatever happens with Pete: The Pete Carroll era was an unqualified triumph and the finest run in Seattle professional sports history. I was too young to recall the Sonics’ 1979 season. He bestowed my first title upon me. That’s how I’m feeling right now.

December 27, 2021 — Dave “Softy” Mahler (@Softykjr)

The Seahawks might be open to the thought of tearing everything up and starting over after suffering their first losing season in a decade. Common sense, on the other hand, indicates that they should do everything it takes to retain their star quarterback in the building for a few more seasons.

Franchise quarterbacks don’t just appear out of nowhere.

The Seahawks are unlikely to dismiss Carroll in order to keep Wilson, but a discussion about the team’s offensive plan has to be held. Carroll must allow Russ to cook if he wishes to do so.

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