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Pokemon Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl Grand Underground Guide

The Hidden Gems of Pokemon Diamond and Pearl.

The “underground brilliant diamond pokemon list” is a guide for Pokemon fans who want to catch all the Pokemon in the game. The guide includes a map of where each underground location can be found.

One of the key new elements in Pokemon Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl is the Grand Underground. It’s a full reimagining of the original Underground, replete with rare Pokemon and the possibility of finding even rarer things.

The Grand Underground will gradually open up as you play, and it’s worth exploring whenever you get the opportunity.

Grand Underground in Pokemon BDSP: How to Unlock It


The Grand Underground is unlocked in the same manner as the normal Underground was in the first two games. To get the Explorer Kit, speak with the Underground Man in Eterna City, near the Pokemon Center. This allows you to dig for jewels, shards, elemental stones, and fossils in the Grand Underground’s beginning zones. 

Bring the guy several fossils, and you’ll get access to the Secret Base building.

How to Construct a Secret Underground Base in the Grand Underground

In return for the fossils, he provides you the Digger Drill. To find a possible Secret Base location, use this on a bright area in the wall. If you want to construct a foundation there, you may furnish it with a variety of pedestals and sculptures. 

Placing a rare statue of a Pokemon in your Base (the green ones) enhances the chances that Pokemon of that kind will spawn in the Grand Underground, for example, a Vespiquen statue boosts the likelihood of Bug types arriving.

These sculptures seem to match to the Pokemon’s initial type. For example, once I installed my rare Charizard statue, I found that more Fire kinds spawned, but no increase in Flying types.

The Grand Underground Map of the Pokemon BDSP


The Grand Underground is divided into many sections, each of which is themed on a distinct element. Here’s a rough map of where each area in the overworld relates to:

  • Twinleaf Town, Canalave City (bottom left).
  • Fullmoon Island, Snowpoint City (upper left).
  • Celestic Town is in the middle.
  • Sunnyshore City (bottom right)
  • Battle Zone (upper right)

To put it another way, it’s almost a 1:1 connection. You’ll wind up at the Grand Underground’s equivalent region if you dig in a certain position. As you move through the tale, more destinations become available.

Pokemon: The Grand Underground

Because the Pokemon in the Underground provide distinct advantages, it’s worth frequenting and exploring as much as possible.


Most will know at least one Egg move, which is useful if you don’t want to spend the time breeding Pokemon, and you can find some uncommon species in the overworld long before you can in the overworld. Once you’ve unlocked the National Pokedex, more Pokemon begin to emerge in the Grand Underground.

Unlike the rest of Sinnoh, the Pokemon may be seen walking freely in the Grand Underground. If you enter a Hideaway and don’t find the Pokemon you’re looking for, leave the area and come back to shuffle the Pokemon that emerge.

What is the Best Way to Dig in the Grand Underground?

Digging locations appear as yellow blips on the mini-map. To begin the digging mini-game, interact with the wall there. You’ll have a limited number of opportunities to extract possibly rare artifacts with a pick and a hammer.

The hammer greatly weakens the wall, but it also exposes additional spaces under the rocks and mud. Precision excavation is the purpose of this pick. Although it just covers one square, it makes the wall less vulnerable. When you’ve discovered anything you desire, instead of using the hammer, use the pickaxe.

For your efforts, you could uncover spheres, objects, stones, and fossils, which you can use to enhance your base and make place for additional statues.

That’s all there is to the Grand Underground in Pokemon Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl; for additional information, see our other Pokemon Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl guides.

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The “pokemon brilliant diamond underground locations” is a guide that can be used to find out where pokemon are found in the Grand Underground. It includes maps of the different areas of the underground, as well as information on what pokemon can be found there.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Pokemon can be found in the Grand underground?

A: There are a total of 150 Pokemon that can be found in the Grand underground.

Where is the Underground Man brilliant diamond?

A: The Underground Man brilliant diamond is in the Temple of Time, found after you beat it and destroy all pillars.

How to leave the Grand Underground?

A: You have to use the Terminal in your bunker, which is located at the bottom of a staircase next to some crates.

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