Heart scales are a key item in Pokemon games, used to increase your pokemon’s level. The heart scale is also the event currency of Slakoth City, so it can’t be missed! This guide will teach you how to get all 20 hearts without wasting time grinding away – trust me when I say this is much easier than it sounds!

In Pokemon, Heart Scales are a type of item that can be found in the game. These items can be used to power up your pokemon and increase their stats. In this blog I will show you how to get heart scales in Pokemon Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl.

Heart Scales are an uncommon resource in Pokemon Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl, but they’re crucial if you wish to retrieve lost moves. Only Heart Scales are accepted as payment at the Move Reminder in Pastoria City, and you won’t have easy access to them until you become Sinnoh Champion and receive the National Dex.

This strategy to finding Heart Scales in Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl will help you fill your pockets quicker.

In Pokemon Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl, how can you get heart scales?

Heart Scales may be found at any time when digging in the Grand Underground. To avoid accidently bringing the wall down and losing your riches, use the pick to dig them.

Heart Scales are normally obtained from Luvdisc, however two may be found on the ground. The first is near the Honey Tree on Route 212. Walk to the left of the Honey Tree until you reach the green tree border, then look for a Heart Scale in the dirt.


The next free Heart Scale may be found on Route 214 near the white railing. Work your way through the fence labyrinth until you reach a place encircled by fences with towering elegance. On the left side, the Heart Scale is concealed in the grass.

After obtaining the National Dex, you may use the Super Rod to fish for Luvdisc on Route 224. Every Luvdisc includes a Heart Scale held item, therefore there’s a never-ending supply of Heart Scales. If you don’t want to waste Poke Balls or have 500 Luvdisc in your boxes, you can just use Thief to take them. 

That’s all there is to know about where to get Heart Scales in Pokemon BDSP, but for more information, see our other Pokemon Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl tutorials.

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The “heart scale guy brilliant diamond” is a character that appears in the Pokemon games Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl. He gives players heart scales for completing certain tasks.

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A: I am not yet sure. Megas are a new item that was added in the latest update; this is why we cannot answer whether or not they will have them.

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