Psychonauts 2: Typewriter Solution Guide

Psychonauts 2: Typewriter Solution Guide The psychonauts are on the run! After narrowly escaping their arrest, they find themselves trapped in an alternate version of the famous castle of the Psychonauts. The new environment is filled with typewriters, just like the one they used to use to take down the evil emperor. It’s up to you to help them solve puzzles and pick up hidden secrets.

The Psychonauts sequel: it’s the sequel fans have been waiting for and yet, for many, it is also the sequel they have been dreading.



The typewriter problem in Psychonauts 2’s Mail Clerk Cruller’s Correspondence mission is difficult. Cruller deliberately misleads you on how to complete the problem like some kind of jerk throughout the whole level.

The typewriter problem in Psychonauts 2 may be solved with the help of our tutorial. You’ll discover the most effective method for locating the missing letters, as well as how to decipher the cryptic address on the envelope.

In Psychonauts 2, look for the missing typewriter letters.

You can view the whole level from above as soon as you reach the Ford Cruller’s communication area.

You’ll undoubtedly see Cruller’s typewriter on the table next to him, but don’t jump on it straight immediately. You must first collect all of the missing letters. To acquire them all, follow these steps:

  1. A floating envelope may be found to your left.
  2. The letter L will be visible on top of it.
  3. Pick up the L letter by jumping onto the envelope.
  4. Jump down on the typewriter’s table.
  5. Place the letter L in the empty space.
  6. Look directly in front of the typewriter on the table for the letter U.
  7. In the nook, look for the C letter to your right of the typewriter.
  8. In the nook, look for the Y letter to the left of the typewriter.
  9. Replace them in the typewriter’s missing slots.

After you’ve reinserted these four letters, you’ll need to find out who the envelope in the typewriter is addressed to.

Solution to the Typewriter Puzzle in Psychonauts 2

When Cruller realizes you’ve discovered all of the missing letters, he’ll attempt to convince you that the envelope in the typewriter is addressed to “LUCK.”

Don’t pay attention to him. Instead, write the word “LUCY” on the envelope. Cruller will correct himself and claim that he hasn’t heard that name in a long time as soon as you do the proper thing.

After that, the envelope with the correct name will be sent to the correct address.

Hopefully, this advice helps you solve the typewriter problem in Psychonauts 2 correctly. Also, don’t miss our official Psychonauts 2 review, which you can see right here!

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