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Rams Are Hoping to Build Another Super Team by Adding Bobby Wagner

The Los Angeles Rams are hoping to build another Super Team by adding Bobby Wagner. The Seahawks linebacker was traded on Friday as part of a deal that saw the Rams acquire Brandin Cooks and draft picks in return.

The “bobby wagner stats” is a topic that has been trending for the last few weeks. Rams are hoping to build another super team by adding Bobby Wagner.

The Los Angeles Rams have put their foot on the gas pedal in pursuit of another title challenger after winning their first Super Bowl in more than two decades. Los Angeles’ aggressive strategy, led by general manager Les Snead, has helped the club rise to the top of the league.

Snead and the Rams are even more committed to that attitude, trying to capitalize on their Super Bowl window. Among those attempts is a deliberate effort to persuade Bobby Wagner, a former rival star linebacker, to join them.

The Rams have had a busy offseason.

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Despite the league salary limit increasing to $208.2 million, the Rams, like many other clubs, began the offseason cap-strapped.

Despite the budgetary constraints, general manager Les Snead has meticulously managed the roster to make some major changes. Several significant players, including pass rusher Von Miller, center Austin Corbett, defensive lineman Sebastian Joseph-Day, and cornerback Darius Williams, all left for other teams.

The Rams also had to let go of veteran punter Johnny Hekker and talented wide receiver Robert Woods. Not to mention the retirement of standout left tackle Andrew Whitworth.

The Rams, on the other hand, have swung back in their favor by signing Pro Bowler Allen Robinson to a three-year, $46.5 million agreement and extending Matthew Stafford’s contract to a four-year, $160 million deal.

Los Angeles also re-signed Joseph Noteboom in the aim of filling the vacuum left by Whitworth’s departure. Furthermore, the management is in negotiations with Aaron Donald about extending his contract beyond the 2024 season.

The Rams are now considering a free agency move that might boost their Super Bowl repeat train even more.

By bringing in Bobby Wagner, the Rams are aiming to create yet another great squad.

Les Snead said they discussed Bobby Wagner, and met with defensive staff to break down film to see if it would fit the team. #LARams

— Nick Hamilton (@NickHamilton213) March 22, 2022

Snead has a lengthy history of swinging for the fences when it comes to assembling a Super Bowl squad.

As his career shows, the Rams’ longstanding general manager isn’t afraid to seek big-name players. Stafford, Whitworth, Miller, Jalen Ramsey, Odell Beckham Jr., Dante Fowler, Brandin Cooks, Sammy Watkins, Marcus Peters, and Aqib Talib were among the players he helped the club sign.

The star-studded list is still growing, and he’s hoping the next person on it is a familiar Rams foe. Snead said at a news conference on Tuesday that the team has addressed the potential of acquiring All-Pro linebacker Bobby Wagner.

The 31-year-old is still regarded as one of the greatest linebackers in the league. He’s coming off a season in which he set a career best with 170 tackles and was named to eight All-Pro teams and eight Pro Bowls. Starting with Ernest Jones, his inclusion would offer a big presence over the center.

Wagner is now on the free market, with no rumors of him indicating an interest in joining another organization. Los Angeles may not have an urgent need to fill the position, but his skill and potential effect may make it difficult for them to pass him up.

Los Angeles also wants Odell Beckham Jr. to return.

Les Snead reiterates the team’s desire to re-sign Odell Beckham Jr; but, the deal is complicated by the fact that Beckham is projected to return from injury in the middle of the season. That problem is being worked through by the team.

— Jourdan Rodrigue (@JourdanRodrigue) March 22, 2022

The Rams are interested in bringing Wagner onboard, but Odell Beckham Jr. may be higher on the priority list.

In his limited time with the team, the great wideout has had a significant effect, proving to be a major component in leading the team to a Super Bowl victory. The Rams want to re-sign the 29-year-old, according to Snead.

Snead told The New York Post, “someone we absolutely want back.” “However, the injury condition is a bit more complicated.”

Beckham’s second torn ACL alters the equation, but Los Angeles still has a significant interest. The team has no need to hurry the great wideout back, particularly now that Robinson has been signed to play opposite Cooper Kupp. Meanwhile, the club has enough financial flexibility to retain Beckham, and it could expand its cap room by extending Donald and maybe Kupp.

Regardless, the Rams will keep a tight eye on the issue.

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