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Resident Evil Village: How to Defeat Urias

A long time ago, in a galaxy not so far away, there lived a boy named Urias. Urias was a simple boy who loved being a good kid, and helping his parents around the house. But, unfortunately for Urias, there was something very wrong in his village. A terrible plague had befallen his village causing the people to become very sick to the point of death. But Urias was one of the few who were able to fight off the disease, going unnoticed by it. He was not alone, however. There were a few others like Urias who were unaffected by the plague.

The newest DLC character for Dead or Alive 5: Last Round is the resident evil themed character Urias. Rarely is a fighter style this unique seen in characters of this caliber, and even rarer is a fighter that is this well designed. Urias is very much a Jack of all trades and a master of all of them, and is a force to be reckoned with in the hands of a master player.

Resident Evil Village is a new game that features characters from several of Capcom’s most popular franchises, including Dragon’s Dogma, Devil May Cry, and Mega Man. This is a great opportunity for Capcom fans to test their mettle against enemies from a variety of unique worlds, but the challenge can be daunting. To make it a bit easier, we’ve compiled this guide to inform new and experienced players how to get the most out of their time in the game.

Urias, a Lycan troll and executor of Mother Miranda’s will, is the only permanent villain in Resident Evil Village. He is incredibly strong, wields a huge warhammer and is surprisingly agile for his size, able to jump very long distances. He first appears at the beginning of the story, during the first Lycan attack, and then again as a mini-boss in Stronghold at the end of the game. If you’re looking for tips on how to beat him there, or a guide on how to beat him early to get the achievement and the Timber trophy, this Resident Evil Village guide has the answers.

How to defeat Urias in Resident Evil Village

How to beat him in a fort

If you’ve played Resident Evil Village for the first time, your first encounter with Urias in the first few minutes of the game probably won’t be your last. You only have a few minutes to defeat him when you’re tasked with surviving an attack in the village while beating off a horde of Lycans. You won’t have the time or ammunition to destroy them all at once. But with the weapon upgrades in New Game+, it will be much more feasible. His second appearance is in Stronghold. You will not suffer from a lack of time, but you will suffer from a lack of space. Urias’ attacks consist of downward hammer blows, horizontally rotating hammer blows, and sometimes he will rip stone pillars out of the ground and throw them at you. You need to keep at a decent distance to avoid his hammer, but don’t go too far away. If he gets out of your line of sight, he can jump onto the middle platform and do an unblocked attack, which you don’t want. Inflicts damage to his downward blows. Approach him to activate these attacks, then quickly move away to avoid getting hit. As soon as his hammer hits the ground, he freezes for a few seconds. Take the opportunity to fill it with lead from the gun. If he turns around to make a horizontal swing, play defense. Back off quickly and block, as he spins around a few times and can deliver devastating blows. The easiest way to dodge his attacks is to throw sticks. Just stand behind another column or in a corner to avoid being hit. The poles are sideways when you throw, so you can stand a little away from the other pole and nothing will happen to you. This way you can sneak in a few more attacks. Although there is no time limit this time, you must hurry to destroy the items, as Urias will continue to summon Lycans as long as he lives. You should never shootand notat him. If he’s at a certain distance, use the F2 rifle if you have one. If not, get closer and use your best handguns. Keep shooting and, more importantly, keep dodging. You can get the big guy up and running in a few minutes.

How to defeat him quickly while surviving an attack.

word-image-8521 If you’re looking for a Timber achievement or trophy, or if you just want to earn challenge points, you need to kill Urias on his first appearance. With New Game+ and some weapon upgrades, this shouldn’t be a problem. To make your job easier, you need a GM79 grenade launcher. After completing the game, an additional content store is unlocked, which can be accessed in the Bonus section of the main menu. Here you can buy endless grenade launcher ammo for 80,000 challenge points. With unlimited ammo for the GM79, you are virtually unstoppable. Make sure infinite ammo is enabled in the game settings, then load a second save to take on Urias in the first Lycan attack. If you only want to get an achievement or a trophy, set the difficulty to Normal to avoid problems. All you have to do is keep going. Give it all you’ve got and you can handle it easily. On Easy difficulty, you need no more than 15 grenades to smash them to pieces and earn an achievement or trophy. Now you know how to beat Urias in Resident Evil Village every time you encounter him. For more on Resi 8, check out our other articles on Capcom’s latest game.There are many ways to defeat Urias.  This is just one of them.  It’s a lot like the first way, but it’s more detailed.  You can use this way if you didn’t like the first way.  Or you can use the other way if you didn’t like this way.  It’s not just how to defeat Urias though.  It’s also a story about how to defeat Urias.. Read more about resident evil village walkthrough and let us know what you think.

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