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Rimworld UI Missing Fix Guide

Rimworld is an awesome game, but the Original Rimworld UI is really really really annoying. The original UI is even worse than the default UI in many other games. And if you’re trying to make your own custom UI for your Sci-Fi Rimworld game, you’re probably going to do it with a map editor. So it’s pretty important to know how to recreate that UI. If you’re going to recreate the original UI, you’ll need to know how to recreate it. So I’ve put together an article on how to recreate the Original Rimworld UI, so that you can use it for your custom UI.

RimWorld is by far the best game I have ever played. It requires extensive strategy and the ability to see all of your food before consuming it to survive. Unfortunately, a lot of people seem to be having issues with it once they get past the tutorial stage. It’s the main reason I created this guide, so that others can enjoy this fantastic game without having to worry about their UI disappearing.

Rimworld’s recent 1.3 update and Ideology extension have both been very beneficial to Ludeon Studios’ sandbox colony simulator, however some players are reporting that the Rimworld UI is missing when they attempt to start a playthrough. But don’t get disheartened or start panicking out: there aren’t many things that can make the Rimworld UI vanish.

You may attempt to resolve this problem in one of two ways, the first being the simpler of the two and the second needing some detective work.

Fix for missing UI in Rimworld: Verify Game Files

The first and most reliable method is to validate your local Rimworld files on Steam. This has solved the problem for a lot of gamers in both 1.3 and previous versions.

Right-click the game in your Steam Library and choose Properties to check your local game files. Then go to Local Files, then ‘Verify integrity of game files,’ and wait for it to finish.

If this doesn’t work, you’ll have to go through your modifications for a solution.

Disable Outdated Mods to Fix Rimworld’s Missing UI

This method is a little difficult, but essential if your UI still won’t show up. A significant part of Rimworld players, myself included, have their games filled to the brim with modifications, which is why this approach is a bit tricky, but necessary if your UI still won’t show up.

Because not every mod has been or will be updated for 1.3, you’ll want to browse through your mod list and look for those that are obsolete. Disable any that are no longer in use.

If you really can’t live without certain modifications that haven’t been updated for 1.3 yet, consider focusing on the ones that have the most effect on the UI, such as Color Coded Mood Bar.

If you need to deactivate any old modifications, it’s also a good idea to search the Steam Workshop for offshoot updates to any outdated mods you already have. Occasionally, other mod authors may step in to update an old mod in place of the original creator in order to complete it quicker. It’s never a bad idea to double-check.

That’s all there is to it when it comes to dealing with Rimworld’s UI vanishing. Take a look at some of GameSkinny’s other Rimworld guides.

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