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Salt and Sacrifice: How to Get the Simple Key and Hideout Key to Unlock Treacher’s Grotto

In this game, you play as a skull who needs to escape the cave. You have one life and must get through multiple levels by using your key ability: Salt Sacrifice.

The “simple key” is a quest item that allows players to unlock the door to Treacher’s Grotto. The “Hideout Key” is another quest item that is needed to unlock the door of the Hideout in Salt and Sacrifice.

To access Treacher’s Grotto, one of Salt and Sacrifice’s secret regions, you’ll need both the Simple Key and the Hideout Key. Thankfully, obtaining both keys and entering the Grotto is quite simple, albeit the Simple Key is required to do so.

How to Obtain the Basic Key

Make your way to Ashbourne Village proper to get the Simple Key. Go to the right of the spawn spot for the first region. When you enter a building in the town, the Archridge District area popup displays.

Make your way through the tower until you get to a doorway on the right; it’ll be the first one you see. Exit into the open air and ascend to the opposite end of the area’s platforms.

A grappling hook point should be visible between several wooden platforms to the left. Take it and use it to retrieve the Simple Key from the treasure box.


How to Get the Key to the Hideout

Continue to progress through the levels. To go to the next section, you’ll have to wall jump at some point. Go up until you can’t anymore, then turn left to find a chasm with a grappling point.

Use it and the one after it to bridge the gap. Continue to the left until you reach a series of platforms that go up. Continue left until you reach a doorway and jump through them. A big chest lies behind it. To get the Hideout Key, open it.


Treacher’s Grotto Location

Return to the Obelisk outside of Ashbourne Village with the key in hand. Take the lower way into Craterstone Mines instead of walking into the settlement. Follow the path to the right until you come to a bright door. To unlock it, you must kill three named Mages in total; if it is red, kill more and return. Only the first boss bouts in the Mage hunt count as named Mages. 

Descend into the cavern. Descend until you reach a green knight and a pit with two black knights. Continue beyond them, to the left, until you come to a door. Here, use the Hideout Key.


Beyond there, there will be a shady-looking NPC. Speak with them and, when encouraged, say “Yes.”


Return to Pardoner’s Vale and go beyond the portal to the lowest level. The previously locked entrance in the cave with the many drop-down platforms is now open. To go to Treacher’s Grotto, go through it.


Continue through the second portal stone and grapple over to meet the shady NPC, who introduces himself as Merchant Raury, the Blueheart Runner covenant’s trader.

That’s everything there is to know about the Simple Key, Hideout Key, and Treacher’s Grotto in Salt and Sacrifice. Other things we’ve discussed include the greatest beginning classes, runic arts, and finest weapons. There’s plenty more on our guides hub.

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