Amidst a growing flurry of debate surrounding the status of senior defender Yuito Ohno, one of the big questions surrounding the future of the first-year Nittany Lion was what would the team do with two senior defenders that demand starting minutes?

With competitive Pokemon streaming continuing to grow in popularity, the question at hand is which site to choose to watch your favorite streamers and tournament teams compete. One of the more popular options now is Pokemon Scarlet, which features a single player mode and a variety of challenges for players. The main feature of this game is the Battle Frontier, an area in which players can battle trainers that want to test their skills and strength.

The previous year, the Scarlet Nexus has been finally unveiled in full glory. This year, the Scarlet Nexus is older, wiser, and even better. So, which Scarlet Nexus should you choose?

The first thing you need to do in the game Scarlet Nexusis choose between Yuito and Kasane. Both campaigns follow the same general story and have some similarities, but the differences make the game worthy of both campaigns.

Kasane, for example, has a very different perspective, and even the companions you fight with change from campaign to campaign. This guide describes all the differences between Yuito and Kasane and gives recommendations on which game to play first.

Scarlet Nexus Differences between Yuito and Kasane: History


We’ll avoid spoilers, but there are a few differences in the storyline between Yuito and Kasane. At a key point in the beginning of the story, Yuito stays with the main force of the FOP in Nova Himuka, and Kasane ends up with someone in Seiran.

Their stories are always intertwined at crucial moments, especially towards the end, but recommends reading Yuito ‘s story first to get a basic understanding of the plot.

Kasane’s story delves into the secrets of Scarlet Nexus and, through the people she comes in contact with, reveals the motivations behind some of the key decisions made by the game’s influential characters.

Scarlet Nexus Differences between Yuito and Kasane: Combat

The fights are just as much a mix of the familiar and the completely different. Both characters use psychokinesis, and both make it work the same way. The biggest difference is their main weapon.

Yuito uses a katana and specializes in close-quarters combat, while Kasane uses floating blades that allow her to strike from a distance.

This will change the combinations you make. Also, Kasane’s attacks are softer and harder to handle with, which is another good reason to play Yuito first.

The biggest difference in the battles has to do with the companions and the skills they bring to the game.

Nexus Companion Scarlet Distinction

Each protagonist has a group of companions with whom he fights throughout the story, although this sometimes changes depending on the situation.

Yuito usually works with Gemma, Tsugumi, Hanabi and Luka.

Kasane’s comrades include Shiden, Arashi and Kyoka, although they overlap in some missions. Sometimes you fight Yuito and Kasane together.

Everyone has a different talent, but the game adapts to the person you are playing.

Thus, there are others in Yuito’s path who disguise themselves and need Tsugumi’s insight. However, you will not encounter other people moving at high speed unless you have Arashi in your company.

In other words, you are never at a disadvantage because you choose acharacter.

The same goes for the accompanying gifts. Only gifts related to companions currently in your group will be kept in the store, although obviously you can’t participate in Bond episodes with characters not in your group.

That’s all you need to know about Yuito or Kasane in Scarlet Nexus. While it’s worth playing with each of the main characters, we recommend starting with Yuito to fully experience Kasane’s story.

Expect more guides on the Nexus Scarlet in the coming days and read our review if you haven’t already.Yuito Kasane was an 18-year-old who started Yuito Fans ahead of the 2017 Varsity Cup season, and since then he has been a solid contributor to the team. With the majority of the team being UCT players, we have seen a lot of familiar faces this season, but Kasane is one of the few outsiders. Last year, he was the youngest player on the team, and he has been promoted to the starting line up this season. The UCT team has had a few players leave this season and there is a good chance that Kasane will be one of them.. Read more about scarlet nexus yuito ending and let us know what you think.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can you beat Kasane Scarlet nexus?

No, Kasane Scarlet is too strong.

Will Scarlet Nexus have character creation?

Yes, but it is not currently available.

Is Scarlet Nexus exclusive?

No, Scarlet Nexus is not exclusive to any platform.

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