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Sea of Thieves: How to Get The Barrel Disguise

This article will teach you how to get the barrel disguise from Sea of Thieves. This is a rare cosmetic item that can be hard to come by and comes with its own set of perks, so it’s worth putting in some effort for folks who like playing pirates!

The “how to get barrel emote sea of thieves season 3” is a guide on how to unlock the Barrel Disguise in Sea of Thieves. The disguise allows players to become invisible and move faster while carrying barrels.

In Sea of Thieves, the Barrel Disguise gesture is the best technique for covertly absconding with cargo from other crews’ ships. Sure, you could attack another ship with cannons and guns blazing, slashing the enemy crew with your sword and stealing their prize. But why not make it more enjoyable? We’ll teach you how to use the Barrel Disguise emote and where you can locate it.

How to Get The Barrel Disguise in Sea of Thieves

Emotes are widely used in today’s online games. They often enable users to express themselves via game-based behaviors. The same may be said with Sea of Thieves. The majority of emotes are either informational, such as pointing or gesturing in a certain location, or humorous, such as a ridiculous dance to entertain your crewmates. However, a select few have highly specialized in-game objectives.

One such emoticon is the Barrel Disguise. When you equip and use this emote from your emote wheel, your pirate will turn to the side, draw a full-sized barrel from nowhere, and climb inside. It looks much like the supply barrels you’ll find on the island or on ships, and it covers your nameplate from anybody who isn’t part of your crew. However, keep in mind that the disguise is always level to the ground; it will not mimic the ship’s rocking or the slope of the landscape, so select your location wisely.  

This is fantastic for stowing away (or “tucking,” as the Sea of Thieves community refers to it) on another ship. Unsuspecting crews are unlikely to notice an extra barrel in their cargo hold, enabling you to either wait for your plunder or surprise them onboard their ship as your own ship approaches with a hail of cannon fire.

When you know a crew is selling items, the Barrel Disguise is also useful for setting up an ambush at an outpost. Few things compare to the thrill of killing another player inches from a merchant and then selling the item yourself as they watch from beyond the dead.  

The Barrel Disguise emote is not only handy, but also quite simple to get. Larinna may be found at any Outpost’s Tavern. She is the proprietor of the Black Market. The Barrel Disguise emote can be purchased for just 50 doubloons. Make sure to equip it at a vanity chest after you’ve purchased it. You may then access it at any moment from your emote radial.


In Sea of Thieves, using a Barrel Disguise to stealth is an advanced strategy. It may also be a good method to get the Stolen Secrets award. Our Sea of Thieves tutorials may assist you with a variety of different issues.  

The “Sea of Thieves how to get barrel emote after season 2” is a question that has been asked many times. In order to obtain the Barrel disguise, players must complete all the quests in the game and then they will be rewarded with it. Reference: sea of thieves how to get barrel emote after season 2.

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