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Sniper Elite 5 Atlantic Wall: Mission 1 Collectibles and Starting Locations

Sniper Elite 5 is a third person shooter video game developed by Rebellion and published by 505 Games. The sequel to Sniper Elite 4, the game sees players tasked with taking on missions from behind sniper rifle scopes across Nazi-occupied Europe during World War II.

The “sniper elite 5 mission 1 collectibles” can be found throughout the game. They are used to unlock new weapons and upgrades for your sniper rifle. You will also find them in certain locations, which can help you get started on your missions.

There are 19 distinct artifacts to locate on Sniper Elite 5’s Atlantic Wall, including stone eagles, personal letters, confidential papers, and personal goods. In Mission 1, you may also unlock three workbenches and three starting places. The first unlocks additional weapons and upgrades, while the second unlocks new infiltration zones similar to those featured in Hitman. 

The guide below, like our Occupied Residence guide, tells you how to locate all of those sites by travelling around the globe counterclockwise, like we did when we first found them. There are, however, a few more options, which we’ve done our best to find and highlight. There are a few minor plot spoilers in this guide.

Collectibles and Starting Points on the Atlantic Wall

Captured Resistance (Classified Document 1)


The essential route includes this confidential document. To obtain the officer’s keys, secure the Boathouse objective and kill the cop. Investigate the papers at the goal marker by entering the boathouse.

Starting Point: Rifle Workbench + Interrogation Block


The Interrogation Block’s starting location opens instantly when you encounter Blue Viper. After the sequence, walk upstairs and pick the lock or use the bolt cutters to get access to the soldier’s chamber. This is part of the crucial route as well. It’s adjacent to the exit on the left side of the room.

Violets were picked (Personal Letter 1)


By sticking on the right side of the map, you may make your way to the radar array in the north. Just southeast of the array, you’ll come upon a medium-sized white shed with a blue horizontal stripe (there are two soldiers talking behind a sandbag barricade on the southern side of the building). Kill them and take the letter with the lantern explosive from the containers nearby. On the right side, there is a parked truck.

1 Stone Eagle


This stone eagle may be located on top of a building to the right (east) of the one where you discovered the personal letter from Picked Some Violets. With the stone eagle atop a pillar, it’s off the beaten path.

In the absence of air support (Classified Document 2)


This top-secret document is kept in the Radar Bunker safe at the bunker’s core. To open it, use a satchel charge or the safe code acquired on a soldier near the safe room.

Report on the Atlantikwall (Classified Document 3)


As part of the Neutralize the Anti-Air Guns secondary goal, this is in the Northern Farm safe, which can be located in the home close to the northernmost AA cannon. Open using a satchel charge or ask the soldier in the AA gun embattlement for the code.

Violets are starting to fade (Personal Letter 2)


At the Northern Farm, this particular letter is kept in the attic over the garage. Climb the ladder after ascending the stairs to the second storey of the garage (where the truck is parked). The hay bales and silenced Sten Mk2 are on the table.

Starting Point: French Countryside


Interact with the campfire in front of the parked vehicle in the field near north/northeast of the Northern Farm that has its lights on. 

Beach Defenses + Pistol Workbench (Classified Document 4)


This workbench can be found in the armory, which is located in the Gun Battery’s northern section. It’s at the rear of the green building, next to the two parked trucks. When you get inside, the Armory Key is on the officer nearby, and the workbench is at the rear. Then, in the same room, near the western entrance, break open the safe. 

Tiny Radio (Personal Item 1)


The radio tin can be found on a table in the barn at the Southern Farm, which is located slightly east of the dunes in the center of the map.

Expected Arrival (Personal Letter 3)


At the Southern Farm, this personal letter may be discovered on the second storey of the garage. It’s near two ammunition crates on the floor at the top of the ladder.

Stone Eagle 2 is a sequel to Stone Eagle.


On top of the bunker just southeast of the dunes, this stone eagle may be found. The bunker is highlighted on the map as a vantage point, and you may reach it at the start of the level if you opt to travel to the dunes first.

Stone Eagle 3 is the third installment of Stone Eagle.


The last stone eagle in Atlantic Wall may be seen on top of the hotel, which is located immediately north of (and across the road from) the town church. The hotel is the enormous structure with Nazi flags and a fountain in front of it. From the top of the church, you can see the Eagle on the roof, or you may shoot it from the route heading up to the hotel.

Violets aren’t prone to wilting (Personal Letter 4)


This personal letter is kept in the safe of the hotel (code received from the officer nearby). Go upward and to the very top. Proceed to the end of the corridor and enter the right-hand room. Turn right through the door to a smaller chamber with the safe.

Photo of Resistance (Personal Item 2)


On the western side of the town’s market square, go to the second level of the drugstore. The square is around halfway down the main route through town, and it’s immediately to the right of the Town Bunker, which is part of the optional mission Neutralize the Coastal Defenses.

Go right at the top of the stairs and straight across the hall to discover this on the left-hand table.

SMG Workbench + Boches at the Door (Personal Letter 5)


Boches at the Door may be found at the Resistance Safehouse, where Marcel is being sought. It’s downstairs, across from the gramophone, on the couch. The workbench is located in the attic of the Resistance Safehouse, just across from Marcel. 

Flag of the FFI (Personal Item 3)


This is in the Western Farmhouse’s kitchen, which is just northeast of the exfiltration zone. The FFI Flag is displayed over a sink or washbasin.

The Garden’s Pests (Personal Letter 6)


This personal message can be found on a table in the tiny pavilion on the map’s southwest corner, nearly exactly south of the SMG workshop and resistance hideaway, and just southeast of the Town Promenade infiltration point.

Starting Point for the Town Promenade


This starting point is on the peninsula in the far southwest corner of the map. In the Garden personal letter, it’s west of the Pests. Just before the pavilion, there are two trails pointing west, both of which lead to this spot.

And there you have it: all of the items and starting spots in Sniper Elite 5’s first objective, The Atlantic Wall. Visit our SE5 guides portal for additional guides to the game’s intel, stone eagles, and workbenches, such as those for Spy Academy and War Factory. 

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