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Sniper Elite 5 War Factory: Mission 4 Collectibles and Starting Locations

This is the fourth mission of Sniper Elite 5: War Factory. In this level, you will have to collect four explosive barrels and then go to each starting location indicated with a blue arrow on your map.

The “sniper elite 5” is a video game that was released in 2017. The “sniper elite 5 War Factory: Mission 4 Collectibles and Starting Locations” is the fourth mission of the game.

Thankfully, War Factory is a little simpler to traverse than Spy Academy, and Sniper Elite 5 returns to a less chaotic level layout. Mission 4 has 19 valuables, including stone eagles, letters, papers, personal goods, and workbenches, much like the previous maps. There are also two extra beginning points to locate. 

In this tour, we’ll proceed clockwise rather than counterclockwise, like we did in Missions 2 and 3. The area is somewhat different, and the Resistance Safehouse, the first starting place, is in the northwestern section of the map rather than the south as in the prior three missions.

Collectibles from the War Factory, as well as starting locations

Klaus! You’re a complete moron! (Letter to a Friend)


From the Resistance Safehouse, zip down to the dam’s top and turn left. Inside the second building, go to the first right-hand chamber. This personal letter may be found on the left-hand side of the room on the desk.

The Tension (Personal Letter 2)


Exit that structure and proceed along the dam’s top. Proceed up a flight of steps, then into the next section, past the miniature train. The pump/generator facility is located on the other side of the rails. Inside, go to the pump control room on the northern side of the top level. This letter is on a radio at a desk in the room’s rear left corner.

There Will Be No More Games (Classified Document 1)


Turn east out of the pump/generator building and into the Scrapyard. After passing the guard tower, turn left (northeast). Just past a backhoe, mantle over the rear end of the train car and you’ll notice a tiny stack of wooden beams with a floodlight behind it. This information may be found on the beam stack.

Starting Point: Scrapyard Overlook


Continue northeast from the classified document, crossing the train tracks. Two locomotives, one green and one red, will be seen. Interact with the campfire located between the locomotive on the left and the cliff.

Boost your safety! (Classified Document 2)


From there, go southeast to the Refinery. Up the ramp and through the roll-up door. To double back, turn left at the top of the steps, then right at the top of the stairs. To go to the opposite side, turn left.

Pick the lock of the first door on the left after following the trail to the right and down a flight of steps. To go to the next room, go straight through the control room. This paper is on the far side of the room, on a desk.

Workbench for Pistols


The armory is two doors down on the left from the Refinery control room. The key may be discovered on the soldier, who is wearing a camouflage helmet. Inside is a workstation.

Your orders are ready to be filled (Personal Letter 3)


Enter the building on the west side of the Refinery. A ladder is being erected in the southwest rear corner. A door with a two-barred white cross on the wall next to it may be found behind it. This note sits on a box outside the entrance door.

Workbench for Rifles


Follow the letter up the ladder, then pick the lock on the top door. When you enter the area, proceed to the right side to uncover a ladder going down to a hidden armory with this workbench.

I’m Wasting Time (Personal Letter 4)


Leave this building and go immediately south to the Steelworks. Turn left (east) as you enter to find the Kontrollraum (Control Room), which has a ladder to the right of the entrance. Climb the stairway to the second-story chamber, where you’ll discover this personal note on a desk in the center.

Pocket Watch in Gold (Personal Item 1)


An officer has misplaced a pocket watch at the Scrapyard, according to Losing Time. The item does not appear unless you have this piece of information. Back in the Scrapyard, a marker appears on your map, but the watch isn’t pointing at it.

Instead, it’s atop a steel stack near the area’s alarm and generator, which are both located slightly east of the watchtower closest to the pump/generator structure.

Sheer’s Journal (Personal Letter 5)


On the third story, on the western side, enter the Furnace’s control room. This letter is in the rear right corner of the radio table.

1 Stone Eagle


Exit the furnace from the south side. Look straight over to the far side of the complex before taking the steps down to the road; you’ll notice a structure to the right of the two smokestacks on the left. On the left side, there is an eagle on a column.

Ratte Plans P.1000 (Personal Item 2)


Now go southwest to the Reservoir’s enormous rectangular structure on the map’s border. Take the stairs at the building’s southwestern corner and go to the far end of the platform. This may be seen on a cart in front of a large orange double door. You might potentially get this right before you exfiltrate.

Orders for Shipping (Classified Document 3)


In the shipping warehouse, this confidential document is part of the critical route and a goal. It’s in the safe on the warehouse’s second floor, on the south side.

Stealth Plating is a term used to describe a kind of plating (Personal Item 3)


This private time is spent on the shipping warehouse’s lowest level, in the center of a stack of brown and black boxes.

Workbench by SMG


Exit the freight facility in the direction of the north. Carry the crane and building supplies across the yard to the artillery’s white and brick residence. To go to the chamber on the second storey, climb the ladder on the north side and open the door.

Location of the Trainyard Office and Ehrlich’s Work (Personal Letter 6)


Take the workbench out of the building and walk west. To get to the Trainyard Office, go down the alleyway next to the garage with the APC out front and cross the train tracks. To gain the beginning location, open the door on the right side station and take the letter from a desk inside on the right.

Stone Eagle 2 is a sequel to Stone Eagle.


Exit the Trainyard Office and make a left while leaving the building. Examine the wire on the wall via the hole in the wire. The second stone eagle is on the left side of an ancient castle tower opposite from you.

Stone Eagle 3 is the third installment of Stone Eagle.


Turn around and go slightly to the left so you can see the furnace building’s roof in the distance. The third stone eagle may be found to the right and down from the center.

Oaf of bureaucracy! (Classified Document 4)


Up the tracks to the north, then up the steps at the finish. At the top, turn right and climb the ladder near the modest red-brick pumphouse. Take this confidential document from the left-hand desk inside the door ahead (with the yellow U.boot sign to the right of it).

That concludes the list of collectibles and their locations in War Factory, Sniper Elite 5’s fourth mission. Consider visiting our SE5 tips page for additional instructions, including walkthroughs for The Atlantic Wall and Occupied Residence.

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