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‘That’s so Far From the Truth’

There are a million and one reasons why LeBron James stayed home when the Heat officially decided to start the NBA Finals right after the NBA Finals ended. But the most popular reason is that he wanted to win a ring in Miami. And it was all for naught. The Heat lost Game 1 to the Spurs, and after Game 2, LeBron was asked if he wanted the game to be moved up so he could play in his hometown for Game 3. And he said “No.” And he added, “I wanted to win this thing. It was a huge challenge for me. And I felt like we had a chance to win and we let that opportunity slip.”

The truth is, the Cavs were no better than the Celtics last night and despite that, Cleveland was the clear loser in the game. If you still need some more motivation to call the Cavs the losers, watch this highlight from last night.

The Lakers are in the midst of a funk that has seen them lose four of their last six games. The Lakers have dropped two straight games to the Oklahoma City Thunder and the San Antonio Spurs. The Lakers next game is Thursday against the struggling Golden State Warriors at the Staples Center.

No matter what he does, Patrick Reed can’t seem to shake the label of cheater on the PGA Tour. From accusations of cheating and stealing from his University of Georgia teammates in college to multiple rule violations on tour, the word has become synonymous with Reed himself lately. But the media and golf fans can sometimes twist the truth with their own stories, and Reed believes he was a victim of that. He’s here to dispel the widespread perception that he’s a crook and a bad guy. Will anyone listen? Well, that’s a different story.

Patrick Reed is the big bad on the PGA Tour

Patrick Reed waits for his exit during the third round of the WGC Workday Championship in The Concession | Sam Greenwood/Getty Images COMPARED TO: Patrick Reid’s flamboyant Twitter account is involved in his latest cheating scandal It’s hard to be a badass in a sport as relaxed as golf, but that’s exactly what Reed has done since he started playing on the PGA Tour. Reed’s past, however, goes back to his college days. While at the University of Georgia, Reed was accused of cheating in class and stealing from his teammates in the locker room. He was eventually dropped from the team and ended his college career at nearby Augusta State. A year after winning his green jacket, Reed was embroiled in another cheating scandal. During the 2019 Hero World Challenge, Reed was caught on camera wiping the sand off the ball not once, but twice, in the pitching field to improve his position. He got two strikes for that, but the reactions on social media were even worse. Reed found himself in trouble again due to an incident at the track earlier this year. In the third round of the Farmers Insurance Open at Torrey Pines, Reed marked his chipped ball in the rough and moved it to a more comfortable spot before a controller could assess the situation. A string of cheating allegations has made Reed the most hated figure on the PGA Tour. Golf fans are now convinced that Reed is a cheater at heart, but he says that is far from the case.

. COMPARED TO: Rickie Fowler’s career is so bad that the PGA had to change the rules to allow him to play in the nextmajor championships. Reed recently answered questions from Max Adler of Golf Digest for the magazine’s recent cover story. Of course, he was asked about the allegations of treason and whether he had been treated unfairly by the media over the years, and Mr. Reid was particularly forthright in his response. Yes. I think a lot of things have been misinterpreted, wrongly, Reid said. When they call you a liar. This is far from the truth. No athlete, no golfer, who works to reach the highest level is a cheater. If you think you are making a good throw, but it turns out to be a bad throw, that is a violation of the rules and will result in a penalty. It happens all the time. Cheating is a deliberate attempt to get something on the board. I’d rather play my best and lose a golf tournament than cheat and win. You can ask any golfer on the PGA Tour and they will all tell you the same thing. When this word is spoken about you, whether it is about you or someone else, it is false and wrong. Here we are, with blood, sweat and tears, trying our best and being a role model. I’ve talked to famous athletes and successful CEOs, and the lesson they all teach is this: Focus on what you can control. You can’t please everyone. Hopefully the media will eventually turn on us, but for now I’m not the type to type on a keyboard.

Reed has a simple plan to get rid of the defective tag.

COMPARED TO: Phil Mickelson put his $400 million fortune to work for a disgruntled country star, adding $9 million to his bank account During the same question and answer session, Reid was asked how he plans to change the public perception of him as a cheater. While he cannot voluntarily change people’s opinion of his character, he can do his best to avoid future embarrassment on the field. I will always call a settlement commissioner, Reed said. I’m paired with Jordan Spieth and Jon Rahm on The Players on Thursday. At the second hole, I have to take a drop down the drain. I show Jordan and tell him I’ll call a cop. He’s like this: Dude, about the leak? Then John calls and I repeat what I do. Even though as professionals we all know the rules, especially the direct ones, this is one of the things I have to do.It’s the offseason, but that doesn’t mean fans and media members will stop asking the same questions about their favorite teams. How does the team look going into 2017? Is it all clear out West? A few weeks ago, I broke down the future of the Padres and the Rockies. Both are poor questions, but they are not unique to the Padres and Rockies. Every team has questions heading into the start of the 2017 season. In the case of the Padres and Rockies, there have been several questions from different angles, but none of them are unique to those teams. In fact, it’s time we stop asking these questions.. Read more about couldn’t be further from the truth antonym and let us know what you think.

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What does far from the truth mean?

This text is sensitive. Click edit and regenerate for new copy. Long story short, they were on the way to a national championship game and lost, and a lot of people have been asking why. The truth is, they didn’t play that bad. They were really good, in fact. They were just unlucky. It happens.

Which is correct further from the truth or farther from the truth?

Welcome to the eighth edition of the blog titled “That’s so Far From the Truth”. The ideas in this article are so far off the mark that it’s not even funny. I thought I’d share some of the most ridiculous things that I’ve heard and read over the last few weeks. This week, it’s all about the New England Patriots. In a game of one-upmanship, one sportswriter pointed out the most ridiculous thing he could think of and, without further thought, another sportswriter took it to the next level. It made for good fodder for a column, but is there any truth to them?  For example, is one of these statements more correct than the other? “The National Hockey League has already reached the point where a team can lose in the first round of the playoffs and miss the playoffs entirely.” “The NFL has lost more than a few fans over the past year, but the real culprit is the new rule that makes it easier to score.” “The NBA is so much fun to watch that it doesn’t matter if they lose

Could be farther from the truth?

While the idea of starting a team in a U.S. city with a population of more than 1 million people has some fans, it’s not at all clear that the model will work in other cities. Miami has several franchises that play in minor league baseball, and these teams have lobbied the city for a major league team. But the Marlins, who have been in the city since 1993, have struggled to draw fans. The analysts at ESPN always have a ton of data to share. But, sometimes their numbers don’t make a ton of sense. Last week, ESPN’s Kevin Pelton took the time to put together a list of numbers from the NBA’s upcoming season. Using his team-by-team projections, he found that the New York Knicks are projected to win only 38.1 games. That’s a projected win total that only one team in the last decade – the 2004-05 Detroit Pistons – have worse.

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