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The Baltimore Ravens Are on Dangerous Ground as It Pertains to Lamar Jackson’s Future

The Baltimore Ravens are on dangerous ground as it pertains to Lamar Jackson’s future. The team has reportedly told the Heisman winner that he won’t be able to play quarterback in the NFL, which would leave him with few options if he wants to stay in football.

The lamar jackson new contract 2021 is the Baltimore Ravens are on dangerous ground as it pertains to Lamar Jackson’s future.

Lamar Jackson, the fourth-year star quarterback for the Baltimore Ravens, is presently the 472nd highest-paid player in the NFL, with a cap hit of $3.01 million in 2021. With a fifth-year option for $23.01 million, he’ll get a hefty bump next season. The big money, though, will come with his first contract extension. The issue is that he is not employing an agent, which may result in a financial loss. According to a veteran NFL executive, if the Ravens attempt to undercut him, it might be much worse for them.

Lamar Jackson isn’t represented by a typical sports agency.

Dak Prescott gets a $160 million contract in March. Josh Allen gets a $258 million contract in August.

Lamar Jackson is up next.

The Ravens quarterback, who is one of just 17 NFL players without an agent, is negotiating his own rookie contract extension.

Instead, he’s enlisted the help of advisers. Are you one of them? His mother.

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30 September 2021 — Front Office Sports (@FOS)

Lamar Jackson didn’t have a conventional agency when he entered the NFL as the No. 32 overall selection in the 2018 draft out of Louisville. According to CBS Sports, he negotiated his rookie contract — a four-year, $9.47 million agreement — on his own with the assistance of his mother, Felicia Jones.

Jackson’s initial deal and his $23 million fifth-year option were very much spelled out in the NFL and NFLPA’s collective bargaining agreement.

This deal is going to be unique.

Jackson, like fellow 2018 draftee Baker Mayfield, is set to get multi-year contracts for in the region of $40 million each year. This follows the previous mega-contracts inked by Dak Prescott (four years, $160 million), Patrick Mahomes (ten years, $450 million), and Josh Allen (six years, $248 million).

When it comes to life-changing, generational riches, relying on yourself (a full-time football player) and your “business manager” mother sounds like a risky game to play.

Negotiating with Jackson and Jones, according to one veteran NFL executive, is a more dangerous minefield for the Ravens than it is for the quarterback and his mother.

The Ravens may benefit from a favorable extension in the long run.

The Baltimore Ravens may think that not having a conventional sports super-agent, like many of the league’s best quarterbacks have, is a positive thing. Former NFL executive Andrew Brandt, on the other hand, believes the reverse is true.

The former Green Bay Packers Vice President stated on his The Business of Sports Podcast that not having an agent when negotiating a franchise-altering contract extension is hazardous for both the player and the organization:

In terms of risk distribution, I believe the Ravens are at more risk as a result of Lamar negotiating his deal without an agent. That may seem contradictory, but I speak from personal experience. In my experience, if you do a lopsided or even somewhat unjust contract as a team, it may come back to haunt you, depending on the quality of player. And the bigger the player, the more it will — not can, but will — come back to bite you.

Lamar Jackson, according to Andrew Brandt

Brandt goes on to say that if Jackson signs a below-market contract, “whisper crews” in the NFL will get in his ear and convince him he’s not being paid enough. This may sour the team’s most important player’s relationship with the club, as well as cause issues with other free agents in the future.

Jackson is a one-of-a-kind NFL quarterback, which makes his contract extension intriguing.

Lamar Jackson of the Baltimore Ravens warms up before the game against the Detroit Lions in the game at Ford Field on September 26, 2021 in Detroit, Michigan. Photo by Rey Del Rio/Getty Images of Lamar Jackson

Lamar Jackson isn’t like the rest of the quarterbacks. His distinct running-based approach distinguishes him from the majority of NFL quarterbacks, including the other two stars selected in 2018, Allen and Mayfield.

While he doesn’t have as many passing yards as Allen or Mayfield (7,846 vs. 10,514 vs. 11,895, respectively), Jackson has a higher completion percentage (63.7 vs. 61.8 vs. 62.5 %) and is almost similar in touchdown passes (71 to 74 and 77).

In terms of running yards, Jackson’s (3,157) much outnumber Allen’s (1,650) and Mayfield’s (485) totals.

In addition, the former Louisville Cardinal has reached the playoffs every year of his career and earned the 2019 NFL MVP Award, while his opponents have just one (Mayfield) and two (Allen) career postseason seasons.

While it may seem that the 6-foot-2, 212-pound rushing quarterback is more prone to injury than his pocket-protected peers, this does not appear to be the case. Jackson has only missed two regular-season games since becoming the Ravens’ full-time starter at the conclusion of 2018. In Week 17 of 2019, one was for relaxation, and in Week 12 of 2020, one was for COVID-19.

Despite the fact that he does not complete passes in the same manner as other quarterbacks in NFL history, Lamar Jackson is one of the finest young quarterbacks in the game. He, like Allen and the other young quarterbacks in the league, is due for a contract extension, which he should get shortly.

If he doesn’t, his Baltimore Ravens may be in serious trouble.

Pro Football Reference provided all data, while Spotrac provided contract statistics.

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The lamar jackson draft is a topic that has been discussed for quite some time. With Lamar Jackson’s future in the NFL, the Baltimore Ravens are on dangerous ground.

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