The Stanley Cup is considered to be the most prestigious championship trophy in all of sports. Its origins date back to 1892 when it was first awarded by the National Hockey League (NHL) to the player who was deemed to have the most skillful hockey skills. Last February, the Cup was awarded to the Chicago Blackhawks, who came back from a 3-1 deficit in the series against the Tampa Bay Lightning to win the championship in five games. That’s right: coming back from a 3-1 deficit in the Stanley Cup Finals.

The Detroit Red Wings once again pulled off the biggest upset in sports history by defeating the Tampa Bay Lightning in Game 6 of the Stanley Cup Finals. This marks the seventh time in the last nine years that a team has come from behind to defeat a team that seemed to have the better of the series. Here are the biggest upsets in Stanley Cup history:

The Stanley Cup Playoffs are nearing their conclusion, and the Stanley Cup winner is still not decided. After a wild first round, only two teams are left standing in the West, and they’re facing off for the right to face the Boston Bruins in the Cup Finals.

The Stanley Cup is the NHL’s biggest prize, hockey’s Super Bowl and its most coveted trophy. While dominant teams often make the playoffs, sometimes the best teams don’t win. Shocks happen in all sports, and here are the biggest shocks in Stanley Cup history.

Los Angeles Kings vs Edmonton Oilers – 1982

Perhaps the greatest Stanley Cup disappointment of all time, when the Los Angeles Kings recorded an improbable victory over the Edmonton Oilers in the 1982 semifinals. The Kings were big underdogs and went into the series against the Oilers with no hope of winning. The Oilers had great hockey players like Wayne Gretzky, Jarru Curry and Paul Coffey in the lineup, but the Kings came to play. Loudest Stanley Cup losses of all time. word-image-16502 In a best-of-five series, the teams were separated after the first two rounds. Before the start of the third period, the Oilers led 5-0 in Game 3 and were on their way to victory. The Kings continued to pressure the Oilers, and with five minutes to play, the score was 5-3. Edmonton was shut down for five minutes, giving the Kings a power play. The Kings took the lead and dragged the game into extra time before scoring the winning goal in extra time. The momentum shifted and the Kings beat the Oilers again to take the lead in the series with one of the most improbable wins in hockey history.

New York Islanders vs Pittsburgh Penguins – 1975

Growing teams rarely have a chance to succeed and they often take several years to establish. The New York Islanders were considered yet another expansion team, but by 1975 they had become a force to be reckoned with. The Islanders reached the quarterfinals, but ran out of steam after a 3-0 defeat against the Penguins. Loudest Stanley Cup losses of all time. word-image-16503 After the goalie change, the Islanders regained their composure and only gave up four goals in their remaining four games, all of which they won. The Islanders lost 3-0, but managed to turn things around and knock the Penguins out of the race for the Stanley Cup.

Montreal Canadiens vs Washington Capitals – 2010

The Canadiens finished eighth in the quarterfinal series against the Capitals. They lost 3-1 in the series against the Presidents’ Trophy winners. No team in eighth place had ever overcome a 3-1 deficit against the top team, but the Canadiens had no intention of giving up. In the next game, Canadian goalie Jaroslav Halak worked wonders by stopping 37 of 38 shots, and Montreal held on for the win. In the next game, he was even better, turning away 53 of 54 shots, and the Canadiens won again. Halek then stopped 41 shots in a 2-1 victory and Montreal won the series and advanced to the next round. Loudest Stanley Cup losses of all time. word-image-16504 The best thing about sports is that the underdogs always have a chance, and when they perform a miracle, it restores our faith in the universe. These victories were considered the most important in Stanley Cup history.March 20, 2018. The Pittsburgh Penguins, a team that hadn’t won a Cup since 2009, and then-defending champion Washington Capitals, a team that hadn’t won a Cup since Alexander Ovechkin and the Capitals won one in D.C. in 2008, go head-to-head in the Stanley Cup Finals. This is the first time in NHL history two teams finish the regular season with the same amount of points, since the league adopted the current playoff system in the late 90’s, and both teams were the ultimate underdogs.. Read more about nhl schedule and let us know what you think.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why was the 1918 Stanley Cup Cancelled?

The Stanley Cup, awarded to the champions of hockey’s “world championships” since 1893, is undoubtedly the most famous trophy in sports. The Cup is awarded to the team besting the league champion in seven games, played primarily in early to mid-January. But, for all the Cup’s allure, it hasn’t always been an easy trophy to capture. In fact, over the last century the Cup has been won by just three teams: the Montreal Canadiens, the New York Rangers, and the Montreal Maroons. In the 1918 series, the Toronto Arenas were leading the series 3 games to 2 before the Detroit Cougars came to town to play the third game. Despite trailing the series 3-2, the Cougars came in optimistic and ready to pull off the upset. However, the Cougars were swept by the Arenas, who had won the first two games. The series was cancelled, and the only consolation the Cougars got was a $500 fine from the league for the forfeit.

What is the biggest rivalry in the NHL?

Hockey is a game known for its strong rivalries, but what happens when the two teams are in the same division or conference? How do they compete when the only real point of difference is being in a certain division or conference? Any fan of the Stanley Cup Playoffs knows that the teams that are in the same division or conference often have a big rivalry, despite their limited differences in geography or budget. When one thinks of the biggest rivalries in the NHL, fans probably think of the New York Rangers vs. the Philadelphia Flyers, or the Boston Bruins vs. the Montreal Canadiens. But what about the biggest rivalry of all-time? The answer is the Detroit Red Wings vs. the Chicago Blackhawks. These two teams have been playing each other for the last over a 100 years, and they have never met in the Stanley Cup Finals.

Is the 2020 Stanley Cup Cancelled?

This modern-day miracle has been known to happen, but not often. Even though it happened in 1939, the only other time it happened was nearly 60 years later in 2008. Before that, the last time it happened was in 1917. If a team has a 95.8 percent chance of winning, it’s hard to see how they can lose. On Saturday the Washington Capitals and Vegas Golden Knights played a preseason game in Las Vegas. Both teams had a backup goaltender on the roster, and both teams scored a goal in the first period, giving them a 2-0 lead. Later, Vegas pulled its backup goalie and played an extra period. During that period, the Washington Capitals scored to tie the game, but as time expired, the Vegas Golden Knights won the game on a goal that was not reviewed.

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