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The Colts’ Bizarre Decision to Hang Onto a Disgruntled RB at the Trade Deadline Looks Incredibly Foolish in Hindsight

The Colts decided to hang onto a disgruntled running back at the trade deadline after he had been benched and released by his former team. This decision might have cost them their season, as they ended up losing in the playoffs.

The Colts’ decision to hang onto disgruntled running back Frank Gore at the trade deadline looks incredibly foolish in hindsight. Despite having a new coach and one of the best young quarterbacks in football, Indianapolis decided not to let go of their veteran on his last leg who was making rumors about wanting out all year long. And now they’re stuck with him for the rest of this season as well as next year when he will be 36 years old. That’s some big life insurance if you ask me.—Mike MurphyThe “colts running backs 2021” is a decision that the Indianapolis Colts made at the trade deadline. The move looked incredibly foolish in hindsight, as the team was unable to land any quality players for their struggling offense.

The Indianapolis Colts’ running back room was a heated subject of debate at this year’s NFL trade deadline. Indy gave backup Nyheim Hines a three-year agreement over the summer after second-year RB Jonathan Taylor established himself as a feature back in the offense.

Between Taylor and Hines, the Colts possessed a devastating one-two punch. As a result, the rest of their running backs seem to be tradeable commodities.

The Colts made the mistake of not trading Marlon Mack.

Marlon Mack isn’t pleased when he’s not playing, but Reich says he hasn’t been an issue.

November 17, 2021 — Joel A. Erickson (@JoelAErickson)

Marlon Mack, a fifth-year veteran, entered the trade talks a few weeks before the deadline due to a lack of carries. He officially sought a trade from the Colts, and other clubs were said to be interested in him.

Mack is coming off an Achilles rupture that kept him out of action in 2020. Prior to that, he had a lot of success with the Indianapolis Colts’ offense. Despite only starting 12 games, he rushed for 1,091 yards, a career best. He has a track record of being a feature back when the situation calls for it.

Despite having an abundance of running back talent and Mack’s desire to go, the Colts were unable to locate a trade partner for the dissatisfied veteran. Given how often Mack’s name was raised in the weeks coming up to the deadline, it was a strange result. You’d think a club in need of running backs, such as the Baltimore Ravens or Kansas City Chiefs, would gladly trade a seventh-round choice to the Colts for Mack.

Instead, Mack and the Colts stayed together until the trade deadline. Only a few weeks later, the choice to not trade him seems even more dumb.

Mack did not play in Weeks 9 and 10.

“I’ve had one-on-one conversations with Marlon Mack,” Frank Reich said about Marlon Mack. Making him idle is excruciating. Painful. However, you must do what is best for the team… He’s not pleased, but he’s not going to be a nuisance… It’s an odd circumstance. He’s the brains behind the NFL’s hottest running back.”

November 17, 2021 — Stephen Holder (@HolderStephen)

After the trade deadline, it’s become evident that the Colts don’t want anything to do with Mack in the future. He didn’t play in Weeks 9 and 10, and Colts head coach Frank Reich hasn’t said anything to suggest he’ll be back in the lineup any time soon.

“It’s excruciating to keep him passive.” “I don’t like it when I have to make him inactive every week,” Reich stated.

“However, you must do what is best for the team.” You have to hand the ball over to J.T., and Nyheim has his duty, and the third back needs to contribute on special teams, which Deon is doing right now. I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again: I believe in Marlon Mack. I think he’s a fantastic player. I suppose he’ll make another splash, someplace, someday.”

The presence of the word “there” is all that is required to analyze the circumstance. Mack’s future, according to Reich and the Colts, rests with a different club going forward, making the decision not to trade him for absolutely anything at the deadline a little perplexing. Even a conditional seventh-round selection in the future is preferable than receiving nothing for Mack when he exits free agency next year.

The Colts have a huge game ahead of them.

Colts HC Frank Reich. Getty Images/Justin Casterline/Frank Reich

With the exception of Marlon Mack, the Colts have gradually rediscovered their offensive stride – just in time for a pivotal Week 11 matchup against the Buffalo Bills.

Jonathan Taylor, as previously established, is thriving as the Indianapolis offense’s option one, making life simpler for quarterback Carson Wentz. Taylor has 161 running attempts per game, which ties him for third in the NFL, and is tied for first in total rushing yards with an injured Derrick Henry (937).

If Taylor and/or Hines were to go down with injuries, the Colts would have a healthy Mack to fall back on. Common sense, on the other hand, dictates that they should have traded him at the deadline when they had the opportunity.

Oh well, even the most talented NFL teams make mistakes.

Pro Football Reference provided all stats.

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The “colts rumor mill” is a website that reports on the Indianapolis Colts. The Colts’ decision to hang onto running back Frank Gore at the trade deadline looks incredibly foolish in hindsight.

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