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The Eagles’ Disappointing 2019 First-Round Pick Is Officially Generating Trade Buzz

The 2019 NFL Draft is always a big day for trades, and some are already getting buzz on the Eagles’ selection of running back Miles Sanders. Though Philadelphia traded up to take him with the 52nd pick overall in last night’s draft, there has been plenty of talk that he could be moved before training camp kicks off this summer.

The “did the eagles trade jalen hurts” is a topic that has been generating trade buzz. The Eagles selected Jalen Hurts with their first-round pick in 2019, but it’s not clear if they will keep him.

The Philadelphia Eagles felt they were obtaining their future left tackle when they traded up from No. 25 to No. 22 in the 2019 NFL Draft, leapfrogging the offensive line-needy Houston Texans in the process.

The Eagles traded up to get Washington State’s Andre Dillard, who they see as the heir apparent to their offensive line’s left side. Jason Peters, the future Hall of Fame tackle, has been a blessing to the Eagles for over a decade. With Peters’ age catching up to him, they decided that 2019 would be the year to choose a successor.

Unfortunately for Dillard and the Eagles, things did not go as planned.

Andre Dillard’s tenure with the Eagles got off to a shaky start.

Eagles LT Andre Dillard. Mitchell Leff/Getty Images/Andre Dillard

Due to Peters’ presence in 2019, Dillard only had four starts in his first season, one of which was at right tackle. He struggled in each of his three appearances at left tackle, and he was completely crushed in his lone start on the right side of the line.

Dillard showed a defeatist attitude at the post-game news conference after his dismal Week 11 performance against RT (he was removed halfway through the game), prompting worries about his mental toughness. The Eagles’ offensive line, which included all-time tough Philly men like Peters, Lane Johnson, and Jason Kelce, was in sharp contrast.

Things only got worse for Dillard in his second season with the Eagles. He tore his biceps in the summer, missing the whole season and allowing previous seventh-round selection Jordan Mailata to take over as the starting left tackle going forward.

Mailata began 2021 as the Eagles’ primary left tackle after receiving a hefty $64 million contract deal, thereby ending Dillard’s career as a backup.

Dillard has shown promise in recent weeks.

While early indications indicated Dillard might be sent to the waiver wire this season, he instead found himself in the starting lineup from Week 3 through Week 6, where he played excellently.

Dillard was stepping in for Lane Johnson, who was out due to personal circumstances, and he got to start at left tackle as Mailata switched over to the right side of the line. By any stretch of the imagination, Dillard wasn’t a terrific writer. However, he was talented enough to pique the eye of opposition general managers throughout the league.

Teams are calling about the former first-round selection, according to ESPN’s Ian Rapoport.

Andre Dillard, an offensive lineman for the Philadelphia Eagles, was selected to be the future left tackle, but that hasn’t exactly worked out. Instead, Jordan Mailata, a seventh-round pick, has won the championship. Dillard hasn’t been in the starting lineup in a while, but he’s been practicing at guard lately. As a result, clubs have begun phoning to inquire about possible trades. He made an impression as a left tackle against the Panthers, and his value rose as a result. The Eagles aren’t going to give him up, and there’s a chance he’ll be a part of their future anyhow. Teams, on the other hand, feel that a good second-round choice will be enough to lure Dillard away.

ESPN’s Ian Rapoport

The Eagles must make a difficult choice.

The Eagles should rejoice at the chance to get rid of Dillard, a failed former first-round choice, according to logic. It’s seldom that easy, however. In the NFL, offensive line skill is always in short supply, and the Eagles have dealt with O-Line injuries for as long as they’ve worn green.

Playing behind Mailata and Johnson, Dillard seems to be disposable. However, as we just witnessed with Johnson’s four-week absence from the game, having a reliable backup tackle is a must.

In the end, the price of a possible Dillard deal will be the deciding factor. It would be unthinkable for the Eagles to pass down a second- or third-round selection in exchange for a backup offensive tackle. If no club is ready to pay that amount, expect the Eagles to keep Dillard as a capable backup left tackle.

Pro Football Reference provided all stats.

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The “eagles news” is a disappointing 2019 first-round pick for the Philadelphia Eagles. The team has been receiving trade buzz from other teams, as they are looking to move up in the draft.

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