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The Hobbies of Your Favourite Football Players

The Hobbies of Your Favourite Football Players

Playing football as a profession would be more than enough for most of us to not want anything more from life, yet these footballers prove that even with a dream job, there’s still time for fun. Somehow, in between gruelling training sessions and physically demanding matches, these guys have managed to make time to make it in their chosen hobbies. So, if you’ve ever wondered what footballers get up to in their downtime, we’re here to answer that question for you.


Gerard Piqué


At 35 years old Gerard Piqué Bernabéu is one of the older sportsmen you’ll see on the pitch, but that doesn’t mean that he’s past it. He still plays as centre-back for the brilliant Barcelona team. He is considered one of the very best defenders of his generation, having started all the way back in 2004 for Manchester United. Since then, Piqué has achieved footballing goals that many professional footballers could only dream of, but it turns out that as well as this, he’s gifted in other areas too. Playing online poker is the first hobby of choice for many people, not least for Gerard Piqué of Barcelona footballing fame. Although Piqué predominantly plays football and makes a seriously good earning doing it, he still finds time to play poker both online and in-person at tournaments. In fact, in the 2019 European Poker Tour, Piqué made it through many rounds to secure himself a win in the semi-finals. This is no mean feat, considering that some of the best players in the world didn’t make it to this round.


Petr Cech


Although Petr Cech no longer plays football, he had a long career with Premier League sides Arsenal and Chelsea. Now he acts as an advisor to Chelsea, but as well as this, he’s found time for an altogether different hobby, drumming. Far from just playing the drums for his own enjoyment, Cech has actually been spotted playing alongside famous musicians such as Roger Taylor (Queen’s drummer). In fact, on this appearance, he played a classic Nirvana hit at a Czech music festival. If you’re interested in seeing the goalkeeper turned drummer for yourself, then you’ll be able to find uploads of his musical abilities on his personal YouTube channel. It’s fascinating seeing such an athlete turn themselves to musical pursuits, and it has to be said, he’s pretty good at it.


Moritz Voltz




Another Premier League pro, Moritz Voltz shot to footballing fame during his time with Arsenal and later on Fulham. Despite the German defender’s huge success, his career on the pitch eventually had to come to an end. He now works with RB Leipzig as a coach during the day, but he still manages to find time in his busy schedule for an altogether different pastime. It turns out that Moritz is quite the whizz in the kitchen, sharing a blog online about all the different things that he cooks. More than this though, he has a particular talent for baking, in particular, traditional German bakes that remind him not just of his home country but also his grandmother’s culinary creations.


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