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The oldest teams in the NBA

Every season, there are a few teams that are able to hang around longer than most. For a lot of teams, it’s their franchise history. For the Brooklyn Nets, it’s their location. The New York Knicks are the only team in the NBA to have been around for as long as the Nets have. But the Knicks are the only other team with an NBA Finals appearance in the same timeframe.

In a recent article, I broke down the oldest teams in the NBA. By definition, the oldest teams in the NBA are all those teams that were formed prior to 1946, meaning that they are the teams that have been around the longest, and that are therefore the most experienced.

The NBA is one of the most successful and popular leagues in the world, the perfect place to find the best combination of athletic talent – young potential and years of experience. Since its inception, the NBA has become the most popular league in the world for basketball stars, attracting new fans every year. Not every team has a legacy, but many have built one over the years. Some teams are new to the NBA, while others have changed their names. The League has undergone significant changes since its inception in June 1946. And we take a look at the oldest teams in the league and their current names – some may surprise you!

Boston Celtics

The Boston Celtics still play in the same city and carry the same name as they did in 1946 – and are one of only two franchises that can boast of that. The Celtics are certainly something of an institution in modern basketball and should be considered one of the most successful franchises in the history of the game. With 17 NBA titles, the team is considered the most successful team in the NBA, despite not winning a title since 2009. Although the Celtics are currently in a rebuilding phase, it is clear that they are still a force in the modern game. The oldest teams in the NBA

New York Knicks

The Knicks, founded in 1946 by Ned Irish, are one of the founding fathers of the NBA and, along with the Celtics, one of only two founding foes still playing in their home city. As part of the Manhattan furniture, the Knicks are one of the most supported teams in the NBA. They never reached the heights of 1970’s glory, and many consider them sleeping giants. They still managed to win the division title in the 2012-13 season and remain the most expensive franchise in the NBA at nearly $3.5 billion.

Golden State Warriors

The Golden State Warriors may not seem like one of the oldest teams in the NBA, but that’s because they’ve changed names several times in their time. The franchise, founded in 1946 (as one of the original founders of the NBA), first operated as the Philadelphia Warriors until 1962. Then they moved to San Francisco and played as the San Francisco Warriors for almost a decade. In 1971, they became the Golden State Warriors, and that name stuck. The Warriors have five NBA titles to their name and are the third most expensive franchise in the league.

Chicago Bulls

The Bulls, founded in 1966, are on our list because they are one of the most important and influential teams in the league. They reached their peak in the 1990s, when they won an unprecedented six titles in one decade and made the NBA a world power. They also have the world’s first superstar athlete, Michael Jordan. The Bulls may not have as much history as the Celtics or the Knicks, but they are certainly a franchise with a long track record and one of the most important in history. The oldest teams in the NBA word-image-9856 As the NBA evolves and grows, it’s interesting to see how it started and learn more about some of the teams that were involved. There are now many different teams in the league, and many of them have rich and successful histories. The oldest NBA franchises are among the most important because of what they accomplished and did for the sport.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who were the original 8 NBA teams?

With the NBA’s expansion into Seattle, Los Angeles, and Charlotte, the league has grown with new teams in new markets. But the 16 original NBA franchises were not the first teams in the league. A few years after the first NBA teams were formed, the first eight teams formed. Based on published statistics, the original eight teams had a quality of play comparable to the current day NBA. In 1953, the Basketball Association of America (BAA) formed, making the inaugural season of the first professional basketball league the “National Basketball League” (NBL). In the second year, eight franchises were added and the league became the “National Basketball Association”. (The NBA was established in 1946.) The next year, the league added four more teams and adopted the name “National Basketball Association”.

What were some of the first 11 teams in the NBA?

In the early days of the NBA, there was no such thing as an NBA franchise. The first 11 teams to be called the NBA weren’t even supposed to be called the NBA at all. They were simply the two teams with the best records in the early days of the NBA, the Chicago Stags and the New York Knickerbockers. The NBA was founded in 1946 as the Basketball Association of America, and was one of the original six-team leagues that began play that year. Fast forward to today and their are 30 teams that have been operating in the league for at least a half-century. The NBA, which was formed by a group of owners who wanted to play basketball, and not football, features the majority of the same teams that formed the BAA in 1946, as well as many new owners who came into the league afterwards.

What NBA teams no longer exist?

These days, the NBA is a league of superteams. But back in the day, the league didn’t have the same rules about the salary cap and draft picks players could sign with as we do today. So, when the National Basketball League (the forerunner of the modern NBA) was formed in 1946, only eight teams competed. And since there were only two playoff rounds that season, each team played eight games, rather than the current five. Since the league was so much smaller back then, it was much easier to maintain continuity when a team folded. In fact, four of the eight original teams from 1946 still exist, and none of them is known as the Philadelphia Warriors. The Warriors started out as the Philadelphia Warriors, moved to Part of the fun of the NBA is that even the oldest of franchises are still active, so long as they can find the money to pay players, coaches, owners, and keep up with the league’s spending demands. Which is why with all the teams and players moving around like a bad game of chess, there are a number of teams that just sort of stopped existing. Some of these teams were bought out, others were simply cannibalized to support other teams’ expenses, and some were just plain forgotten. You’ll find them all on this list.

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