The Philadelphia 76ers sent 2018 first-round pick Zhaire Smith to the Kings in exchange for point guard Tyreke Evans. What was once a trade that seemed like it would ultimately benefit both teams, has now turned into an opportunity for Philly to save their season from crashing and burning before February’s NBA Trade Deadline.

The “ben simmons trade kings” is a trade that the 76ers need to offer the Kings before February’s NBA Trade deadline. The 76ers have been struggling this season and it would be beneficial for both teams if they made this move.

The Season-Saving Ben Simmons Trade the 76ers Need to Offer the Kings Before February's NBA Trade Deadline

The 76ers are running out of time to find a solution to their Ben Simmons predicament.

The dissatisfied point guard has made it obvious that he will not play for the Sixers this season, so they must get rid of him before the NBA trade deadline if they want to compete for a championship in June. Fortunately for them, the Sacramento Kings are said to be interested in Simmons.

If Philadelphia wants to save its season, this is the deal it should make with the desperate Kings right now.

The Kings could be interested in Ben Simmons, who needs to go.

The 76ers have just over a month before the NBA trade deadline on February 10 to deal Simmons for a nice package before it’s too late. If they can’t, he’ll most likely sit out the rest of the season, making a title run in 2022 extremely difficult for Philadelphia.

In the next month, the Sixers need to find a willing trade partner for Simmons, and the Kings may be that partner.

Sacramento is reportedly poised to be a seller at this year’s trade deadline, according to Sam Amick of The Athletic. The Kings have already indicated interest in Simmons, and he remains one of their top objectives.

In other words, they’ll be looking for impact players wherever they can find them. And, yeah, Ben Simmons of Philadelphia is among them, as you may have guessed.

While I predicted that a Kings-Simmons trade was improbable in early September, that was before club officials had seen almost half a season’s worth of (mainly mediocre) performance. Sacramento is certainly interested.

Sam Amick

Sacramento has a record of 16-25 after 41 games, and Luke Walton was dismissed earlier this season. The Kings aren’t going away in 2022, but Simmons might provide the impetus they need to change their fortunes.

The 76ers should give the Kings a season-saving trade.

There's a perfect Ben Simmons trade waiting for the 76ers and Kings.

There's a perfect Ben Simmons trade waiting for the 76ers and Kings. During a game against the Sacramento Kings, Ben Simmons of the Philadelphia 76ers looks on | Thearon W. Henderson/Getty Images

If 76ers president of basketball operations Daryl Morey wants to convert his club into a true title contender, he’ll have to be inventive. However, before the February 10 deadline, the first move must be to trade Simmons.

With the Kings allegedly interested in the unhappy point guard, Morey could call them and offer them this season-saving deal:

  • Sacramento Kings receive: Ben Simmons, Shake Milton, Danny Green, a 2023 lottery-protected first-round pick
  • Philadelphia 76ers receive: De’Aaron Fox, Buddy Hield

The 76ers get a much-needed point guard in Fox, who can create his own shot and open up the floor for Joel Embiid, in this suggested deal. Hield, a proven 3-point shooter, is also a welcome addition.

In Simmons, the Kings receive a new franchise cornerstone, Milton is a promising young bench scorer, and Green is a veteran guard who can alter the culture in Sacramento for the better. A first-round selection doesn’t hurt, either.

The 76ers have until February 10 to trade Simmons. bqvtH3eOo

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Morey may be tempted to wait until the summer to make a Simmons deal, but that would be a mistake given how brilliantly Embiid has performed this season. The 27-year-old center is enjoying another MVP-caliber season, and he’s been the NBA’s most unstoppable offensive force in recent weeks.

The 76ers can’t afford to squander another year of Embiid’s waning peak. The 76ers will do exactly that if Simmons isn’t dealt for a reasonable package before the trade deadline.

It’s past time to put a stop to this nonsense.

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The “ben simmons, cj mccollum trade” is a trade that the 76ers need to offer the Kings before February’s NBA Trade Deadline. The 76ers have been struggling this season and have needed a boost from somewhere.

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