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Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands: Best Classes Tier List Guide

This article will provide a comprehensive list of all the available classes, their pros and cons, as well as my personal recommendation for each one.

The “tiny tina wonderlands best class combinations” is a guide that will help players decide which classes are the best to play in Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands.



Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands has six major classes, each with its unique skills, skill trees, and characteristics. Each class has a distinct playstyle that supports one of the six tactics, which players may test out in solo or cooperative settings.

This tier list guide will rank all of Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands’ classes from best to worst. You’ll learn about all of their major benefits and drawbacks, as well as which action skills are the most effective.

S-Tier Classes in Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands

Warden of the Spores

  • Type: Companion and Gun
  • Mushroom Companion is a feature.

Classes with companions are clearly the best of the bunch in Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands, and Warden of the Spores has the best companion in the game, which has the ability to poison enemies.

This class permits participants to play alone for the duration of the game. If you are knocked out during a combat, the mushroom friend may help you get back up.

This class has excellent talents in both areas. Blizzard generates many tornadoes that may quickly kill them off, while Barrage fires seven arrows at once against several foes.

Overall, this is a very competent lesson with which you will not be disappointed.


  • Dark Magic is a kind of magic.
  • Demi-Lich Companion is a feature.

The Graveborn class is the game’s most powerful magic class. This class’s ability to cause massive amounts of black magic damage is incredible.

Just like Warden of the Spores, this is another class that has an access to a companion, which can be of great help when it casts Hellish Blast spells that deal damage to multiple enemies at once.

While most classes have one good action skill and one bad one, both talents might be quite useful in this scenario. Although Dire Sacrifice uses your own HP to inflict harm, you may heal yourself and even become immune for the time being using Reaper of Bones.

Classes in the first tier


  • Spells and Guns are two types of spells.
  • Spellweaving is a feature.

Guns are entertaining in and of themselves, but they’re much more so when you can add some extra potent magic to the mix. Due to Spellweaving, Spellshot’s weapons may do magical damage, and things become even better when you reload since the Spellweaving effect accumulates.

Polymoprh, one of the finest action talents in the game, belongs to this class. Unless they have immunity, this spell may convert any adversary into a sheep. If they don’t, you may insta-kill the sheep and ignore the baddie as if it never occurred.

Its sole flaw is its poor defense, which necessitates teaming up with another tanky character.


  • Type: Lightning and Fire
  • Wyvern Companion is a feature.

Fire and lightning damage, melee damage with the hammer, and a flying companion are all fantastic qualities of this class.

With such powerful tools, Clawbringer is certain to become your favorite class. It possesses Wyvern-assisted area control, elemental-assisted ranged damage, and the ability to concentrate a lot of damage with his Cleansing Flames and Storm Dragon’s Judgment abilities.

The lengthier cooldown durations on the action abilities are the only thing keeping Clawbringer from becoming an S-tier class.

Classes in the B-Tier


  • Critical Hits is a kind of game.
  • Dirty Fighting is a feature.

The ability to deliver critical strikes and inflict numerous status ailments is the Stabbomancer’s main selling feature. However, compared to other classes, the damage output is smaller.

The From the Shadows talent, which enables players to become invisible, is one factor that rescues this class. This can be a really fun option if you want to play games with your enemies.


  • Melee and Frost are the two types of attacks.
  • Rage of the Ancients is a feature.

Despite the effectiveness of the cryo damage that Brr-Zerker is known for, this class has far too many flaws to be competitive.

The Brr-talents Zerker’s have a limited range and high cooldown periods, which is its main flaw. Furthermore, since his own gear is relatively inadequate, this class needs backup from a tank or any other player with superior defenses.

However, if you like cryo damage and want to do nothing but freeze your adversaries, this is the game for you.

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