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Titans DB Jackrabbit Jenkins Found His New Name Following a College Film Room Session

After getting into a film session in college, Titans defensive end Jackrabbit Jenkins realized he needed to change his nickname. The reason? He didn’t know how to spell it anymore.

The “jackrabbit jenkins real name” is the new name of Titans defensive back Jackrabbit Jenkins. The former Louisiana State Tiger football player was given the nickname by his college film room coach, and he has stuck with it since then.

For years, Jenkins, Janoris was known as Jenkins, Janoris in the football world. Although players, coaches, and announcers referred to him as “Jackrabbit,” the Pro Bowl defensive back was officially named Janoris by the league.

Things altered ahead of the 2021 season, and fans may have even noticed that the Tennessee Titans defensive back was referred to as Jackrabbit on broadcast graphics. As with many things from the beautiful state of Florida, the tale behind the transition and the nickname itself is intriguing.

During his time at the University of Florida, Jenkins, Janoris was known as “Jackrabbit.”

Florida Gators defensive back Janoris 'Jackrabbit' Jenkins in 2010.

Florida Gators defensive back Janoris 'Jackrabbit' Jenkins in 2010. Jenkins, Janoris gained the moniker “Jackrabbit” during his time as a Florida Gator | Getty Images/Sam Greenwood

Jenkins grew raised in Pahokee, Fla., decades before catching interceptions for the AFC South-winning Titans. Rickey Jackson, a Pro Football Hall of Fame linebacker, and former Pro Bowl receiver Anquan Boldin are two noteworthy NFL players from the little town of 6,000 people.

Jenkins joined with the University of Florida before of the 2008 season after becoming as one of the country’s finest defensive backs at Pahokee High School in the mid-2000s. The future Pro Bowler told reporters in 2021 that he got his moniker not long after enrolling at Gainesville, according to the Tennessean. 

“When I first started college, it was for spring ball, and I started in January.” I had no idea what I was doing when I got out there, but I was creating a lot of them. ‘You’re moving quickly,’ my coach said as soon as we entered the film room. You’re scurrying about like a jackrabbit.’ Because we hunt bunnies where I come from.”  

Jenkins, Janoris

A difficult nickname isn’t required for every moniker. Jenkins, at 33 years old, still goes by the nickname Jackrabbit.

The NFL looks to be split on how to refer to Jenkins.

Jenkins made it plain in the summer of 2021 that he preferred the name Jackrabbit over Janoris.

Jenkins told reporters, “I don’t like Janoris.” “That isn’t my name.”

The experienced defender has only partly received his dream thus far. Even in the Tennessee region, media members have lately switched between the two names, according to social media.

On the Titans’ official website, he is listed as Jackrabbit Jenkins, and his birth name is included in his biography. Throughout the 2021 NFL season, CBS’ lineup graphics often featured Jackrabbit instead of Janoris.

The veteran defensive back is still referred to as Janoris by the NFL’s official website. At the very least, he’s identified as Jackrabbit by the NFL’s official Twitter account. Small triumphs are important.

Regardless matter what you call him, Jenkins is still going strong.

Jenkins, at 33 years old, lacks the blistering speed that propelled him to the 39th overall choice in the 2012 draft. He compensates for his lack of quickness and acceleration with knowledge and expertise.

During the 2021 regular season, the experienced cornerback intercepted six passes and broke up six others in 14 games (13 starts). He got a starting role right out of training camp and stayed on the field all year.

Jenkins’ next goal is to get a Super Bowl ring after winning a national title at Florida. After that, he should make it a priority to get his chosen name recognized by the NFL.

Then again, he might be fine simply being known as “Jenkins, Janoris, Super Bowl champion.”

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Jackrabbit Jenkins is a defensive back for the Tennessee Titans. He was born in California and raised in Texas. He attended college at West Texas A&M, where he played football as a cornerback and safety. Reference: jackrabbit jenkins salary.

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