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Tom Brady Cursed Out a Few Buccaneers Teammates During a Helmet-Slamming Tirade at Training Camp

It goes without saying that New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady is a pretty highly respected NFL player. He has a lot going for him, including the four Super Bowl rings he has won, six Super Bowl MVP honors, six Pro Bowl selections, two first-team All-Pro selections, and two NFL MVP awards. However, Brady is also a human being, and it seems as though he does not have much patience for other human beings these days.

During training camp last week, QB Tom Brady had a little bit of a temper tantrum. Almost immediately people began to speculate that the reason for this was that he was still angry over his Super Bowl LI loss. But then, the internet did the work for us, and re-cut the video of Brady’s tirade to see exactly who he was yelling at.

A couple of weeks ago, Tom Brady told the media that he was not concerned about his age and his ability to continue to play at a high level. On Wednesday, he went out to practice wearing a hoodie and a scowl. Wednesday was also the first day of practice without Julian Edelman at the helm.. Read more about who is tom brady playing for and let us know what you think.

On Tuesday, Tom Brady will be 44 years old, but the three-time NFL MVP has shown time and time again over the past few years that he still has plenty of fire in him, which is one of the reasons he’s now a seven-time Super Bowl winner. Brady allegedly had a rage tantrum at training camp over the weekend, and a couple of his own Tampa Bay Buccaneers colleagues were reportedly caught in the crossfire.

During 11-on-11 drills during Buccaneers training camp, Tom Brady allegedly screamed at teammates and smashed his helmet onto the ground.

Tom Brady during the Tampa Bay Buccaneers' Super Bowl 55 victory over the Kansas City Chiefs During the Tampa Bay Buccaneers’ Super Bowl 55 win against the Kansas City Chiefs, Tom Brady shouts | Patrick Smith/Getty Images

By all accounts, Brady has looked great at the start of training camp, which had to be good news for Buccaneers supporters considering the recent revelation that his knee condition is considerably worse than first believed. Sunday, however, did not seem to be one of those days.

Brady allegedly took two sacks and then overthrew a receiver during a two-minute drill. He was reportedly so enraged that he smashed his helmet into the ground, grabbed up a football, and punted it to an adjacent field, a punt that was claimed to be very good.

Brady would have been sacked on a play and punted the ball approximately 40 yards to field two in fury. This is a good bet. #Bucs

August 1, 2021 — PewterReport (@PewterReport)

But, according to reports, he continued his rant by telling his colleagues, “Gotta make a (bleeping) play when you’re weary, guys.”

Brady is renowned for having a quick fuse and has never shied away from expressing his feelings on the field. He expects the best from his teammates, as do most greats, and he makes it clear when they aren’t meeting his expectations. Brady wasn’t the only one who noticed something wasn’t quite right on Sunday.

The Buccaneers, according to Bruce Arians, committed too many “mental mistakes.”

Buccaneers head coach Bruce Arians, now in his third season with the club, didn’t appear to mind Brady’s conduct on Sunday, as shown by his post-practice remarks (h/t New York Post).

“It’s up to the guys to make plays. You can’t tumble down since you’re in a crucial position. You have a chance to win the game because of (Brady). You must descend and win the game. I don’t care if you’re exhausted.”

Bruce Arians is the head coach of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers.

Arians continued, saying that his Buccaneers need to be “smarter” and that they made “far too many mental mistakes” at practice on Sunday. Arians had this to say about how he dealt with the tiredness problem Brady brought up during his outburst:

“Fatigue turns you become a coward. We’ve got a couple of them, and it’s really whipping their a–.”

Bruce Arians is the head coach of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers.

Is it any surprise that Brady wants to play for this individual?

On August 14, the Buccaneers play their first preseason game, and the regular season begins on September 9.

Buccaneers fans must be praying Sunday was simply an off day for the players Brady was chastising, since the 2021 NFL season is rapidly approaching. The Buccaneers face the Cincinnati Bengals in their first preseason game on Saturday, August 14, and then face the Tennessee Titans and Houston Texans the next two Saturdays.

Brady and the Buccaneers will kick off the regular season against the Dallas Cowboys on Thursday, September 9.

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