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Trek To Yomi: Where to Find All Ammo Upgrades

“Trek To Yomi” is a first person game where you’re stranded on an alien planet after your ship crashes. You’ll need to find food and water, craft weapons and items out of what’s available, and fight off dangerous enemies that make up the entire ecosystem. Game review site “GameSkinny” likened it to games like Diablo or Journey in terms of gameplay mechanics.-

The “trek to yomi walkthrough” is a guide that will help you find all the ammo upgrades in the game.

Throughout Trek to Yomi’s seven chapters, you’ll come across three distinct ranged weapons. A classic samurai Bo Shuriken, a bow and arrow, and an Ozutsu, a hefty Japanese rifle, are among the weapons in the armory. Each weapon is more powerful than the previous one, but comes at the cost of speed. The shurikens are extremely fast, yet they only stun most powerful opponents. On the other side, the Ozutsu can kill any opponent in a single shot. 

It’s certainly worth chasing down all of the ammunition capacity improvements to guarantee you’re never caught off guard in a battle scenario. All of the upgrades for each weapon in Trek to Yomi may be found here.

Locations for Ammo Upgrades in Trek to Yomi

Upgrades to Bo Shuriken’s Ammo

Bo Shuriken Capacity Upgrade 1 – In Chapter 1, you’ll come upon a mansion with a tooltip regarding Secrets. From here, ascend the backdrop stairs, rest at the Shrine, and then go to the left to locate a secret chamber. You’ll have to deal with a bandit who is tormenting a lady. As a reward for killing him, the lady will give you the first Bo Shuiuken capacity boost.

You don’t have to do anything unusual with Bo Shuriken Capacity Upgrade 2. Your Bo Shuriken capacity will be increased by one when you finish the first confrontation of the second level. 

Bo Shuriken Capacity Upgrade 3 — Near the conclusion of Chapter 2, before crossing the bridge in front of a waterfall, Hiroki may slip down an easy-to-miss gap. The camera angle will shift if you go near enough to it, giving you a better picture of the light coming through the fissure. When you enter, you’ll be put into a sluggish walk animation until you exit. For your Bo Shuriken, you’ll discover a health and weapon capacity increase here.

After obtaining the Ozutsu in Chapter 4, you will battle your way across a marshy terrain. Beyond it, there is a part that is raised over the river. A secret passage may be found on the left side of the screen from here. Follow the route you discover all the way to the finish and around the imprisoned Blighted to get a Stamina boost and a new Bo Shuriken capacity. 


Bo Shuriken Capacity Upgrade 5 — At the top of the tower you climb in Chapter 4, you’ll find the second Bo Shuriken upgrade. You’ll eventually come upon a Shrine, after which you may continue to the right to advance. Instead, climb another ladder to the top, where you’ll discover a big bowl-shaped lamp that you may ignite. You’ll discover the capacity upgrade for your Shuriken next to it.  

Bo Shuriken Capacity Upgrade 6 – You’ll come across an area with a Shrine and two doors later in the Chapter 5 temple. In front of the one to the north, there’s a little box. By traveling north, you may bypass it and proceed to the next screen. This room’s Shuriken upgrade will be placed on a pedestal in front of the window. 

Upgrades to the Arrow Quiver Ammo


Arrow Quiver Capacity Upgrade 1 – At the bottom of a flight of stairs, you’ll find a dying samurai with whom you may converse late in Chapter 3. When you go to the right, the camera pans to see a wounded lady. The first Arrow Quiver capacity improvement is located near her.

Arrow Quiver Capacity Upgrade 2 – After defeating the first Blighted adversary in Chapter 4, you will automatically get this Arrow capacity upgrade. Once you beat this adversary, who is also the first one you see in this level, your Quiver capacity will increase by one. 

Arrow Quiver Capacity Upgrade 3 — You’ll come across a Shrine by a ladder later in the same place where you got the Bo Shuriken capacity upgrade. Instead of crossing the bridge to your right, climb the ladder to the top and enter the shack. A collectible will be available, as well as another handy enhancement to your Arrow Quiver. 

You will reach a vast temple with spacious hallways around halfway through Chapter 5. Arrow Quiver Capacity Upgrade 4 — The temple’s walls move, requiring you to explore new routes. After the first combat in the temple area, you will get this improvement. 

Arrow Quiver Capacity Upgrade 5 — This upgrade may be found following Chapter 5’s third puzzle sequence. When you finish the problem and cross the previously uncrossable divide, you’ll descend some steps to a Shrine where you’ll be greeted. The level progresses to the right, but take a fast left to locate a secret screen with another Arrow Quiver upgrade. 

Upgrades to Ozutsu Ammunition


Ozutsu Capacity Improvement 1 — In Chapter 5, you’ll uncover the Ozutsu gun’s first ammunition capacity upgrade. As you race from encounter to encounter, the underworld shatters around you. You visit a home with towering ceilings the first time the scene slows down. Instead of walking to the right once inside, go to the backdrop. The camera will adjust to enable you to view the remainder of the room, including the Ozutsu upgrade. 

Ozutsu Capacity Upgrade 2 — This is the second Ozutsu ammunition upgrade, and it’s quite similar to the previous one in Chapter 5. You’ll enter another structure with a branched route after battling your way through a town. In the following sector, go to your right to meet a formidable foe. Defeat him and go to the next sector, which has a Shrine and the second Ozutsu ammunition capacity boost. 

Ozutsu Capacity Upgrade 3 — When you return to the physical world to avenge your dead in Chapter 7, this is one of the few upgrades available. After passing through a Shrine, you’ll come to a bifurcation in the road around halfway through the level. Ascend the steps from the Shrine and enter the left-hand home. Fight the opponents in this chamber, then head back to the furthest room for a boost to your Ozutsu ammunition capacity. 

All of the ammunition capacity upgrades for the shuriken, bow, and ozutsu may be found in Trek to Yomi. Check out our Trek to Yomi review or our lore collectibles and relics guide for additional information. 

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