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Trek To Yomi: Where to Find All Stamina Upgrades

They are rare, hidden away in the various stages of Yomi and beyond. Should you encounter one, how do you proceed? What does it look like? This guide will provide a glimpse into all the possible locations for stamina upgrades throughout Toontown’s vast world.

The most frequent and important upgrades to get on the trek to Yomi are stamina upgrades. Each level has numerous, many of which are easy to overlook. You won’t be able to reload beyond the previous save if you reach a Shrine (checkpoint), and certain sections may be closed off. This tutorial will save you a lot of time and effort.

Upgrades to your stamina bar, of course, let you to attack, block, and run for longer before becoming exhausted. Exhaustion makes you defenseless and unable to protect yourself while you wait for your meter to replenish. Making sure you don’t miss a Stamina pick-up early on in the Trek to Yomi might be the difference between a fun challenge and a stressful experience.  

Trek to Yomi: All Stamina Upgrade Locations

1st Chapter (2 Upgrades) 

Stamina Upgrade 1 – When you enter a home, a tooltip explaining how Secrets function will appear. To go to the next section, turn left. This little chamber has your first Stamina enhancement. 

Stamina Upgrade 2 – As you leave the settlement, you’ll come to a crossroads with a wooden bridge on your right. Rather of crossing it, turn left to discover a secret Shrine. Continue in the same route (you’ll be on the right side after the initial bend) and you’ll come across bandits in a cemetery. Defeat them to progress to the next screen (as far right as you can go). You’ll discover a collectable on a tombstone to the left of it, as well as your second stamina upgrade. 

2nd Chapter (3 Upgrades)

Stamina Upgrade 3 — Head one screen to the left after the first combat in Chapter 2. A clearing of woods leads to this one, which is a dead end. 

Stamina Upgrade 4 — After the mine area, you’ll come to a Shrine. It is exactly adjacent to the second one on this level.

Stamina Upgrade 5 — When you return to Hiroki’s village by pushing open the enormous door, you’ll see a road leading to a home in the backdrop. A distressed guy stands outside the home, his head in his hands. Inside, you’ll discover Bo Shuriken ammunition as well as the next Stamina improvement. 

Stamina Upgrade 6 – You’ll come across a villager on a pier late in Chapter 2 who exclaims, “I’m dying. “Help yourself!” The level will continue if you cross the dock to the right. Instead, turn around and travel in the other way to find a secret location with a Shrine and two structures. You’ll gain a Stamina increase and a collectable if you go to the building up the hill furthest from the Shrine. Before you leave the region, remember to examine the other home for a valuable skill. 

3rd Chapter (4 Upgrades)


After the first segment, when you are ambushed by bandits on horseback, you will arrive at the same crossroads where you obtained the second Stamina improvement in Chapter 1. Return to the cemetery after passing the Shrine. There will only be one screen (and hopefully no adversaries) where you can discover this one this time. 

Stamina Upgrade 8 – You’ll enter a home late in Chapter 3 with a ladder in the first room’s backdrop. Go right before rising. This room’s entrance is partly disguised, so make sure you’re as far in the front as possible before turning right. A bright bulb will be seen, along with a souvenir. 

Stamina Upgrade 9 — You’ll come to a fork not long after acquiring it. You can knock down a tree and flood the foes waiting in your way if you select the top route. Before continue over the now-broken bridge, descend the ladder and complete the final one. On the next screen, look for this one at the top of the stairs. 

The last Stamina Upgrade in Chapter 3 located beside a dead corpse before the final fight. You’ve gone too far if you reach the cutscene for the “boss battle.”

4th Chapter (5 Upgrades)


Stamina Upgrade 11 — You will fall from a tree branch bridge early in this chapter. The next Shrine is located in a clearing, atop a ledge. Head into the building to the left of this Shrine. There will be a collectable here, so grab it and continue to the left. Climb the slope to another fallen tree branch, where you’ll find this one. 

Stamina Improvement 12 – A barn-style dwelling will greet you shortly after the initial upgrade. Climb the ladder once inside to come face to face with a Blighted. Kill them and make your way around the top level’s corner to another Stamina upgrade. You may return to ground level and proceed via a gap in the railing.  

Stamina Upgrade 13 – After the area when the spider monsters emerge from the tree eggs, you will climb a ledge and find a route leading into the foreground if you look attentively. Follow the trail until you get to a Shrine. On the next screen, you’ll see a gap with gleaming delights on the opposite side. To build a bridge, down a neighboring tree.

Upgrade 14: Stamina — This one is seen from the crucial route. You’ll descend a wooden slope that leads to a pier at the conclusion of the chapter. Hiroki will yell Aiko’s name. Navigate to the foreground item at the front of the dock from here. 

After obtaining the Ozutsu in Chapter 4, you will have to battle your way across a marshy terrain. Beyond that is a part that is raised above the water. On the left side, there is a concealed route. Follow the route you discover to the end and around the enclosed area. This one is blighted, and Bo Shuriken increases.  

5th Chapter (3 Upgrades)


The 16th Stamina Upgrade may be found in the second puzzle section. On your right, there will find a statue with a glowing kanji at its base. Change the camera angle and reveal the concealed object by walking past the statue. 

Stamina Upgrade 17 – As you approach what seem to be holes in the temple area, floor tiles will materialize under your feet. The first time this occurs, you’ll be standing on a platform with the option to go right or left. Going right will continue the chapter, so go left to discover a platform where you can find this one. 

Stamina Upgrade 18 – At the conclusion of the Chapter, you’ll start ascending a rough road slowly. You should notice an archway in the distance shortly after starting this last rise. Go to your left from this screen to find a secret location with a Shrine and additional delicious Stamina juice. 

6th Chapter (2 Upgrades)

After obtaining the ball of light that follows you and allows you to utilize the teleport statues, you will be transported to an area with massive tombstones in the backdrop carrying Japanese calligraphy. Continue past them and up the ledge, but do not enter the cave ahead. Instead, go to the brightest thing in the front.  

Stamina Upgrade 20 — You will be taken to a ghost form of your burning town later in the level. This one will be seated on the main route shortly after you begin this part.

7th Chapter (1 Upgrade)

Stamina Upgrade 21 — Right before the second-to-last Shrine, this one will be sitting in plain sight. Reload your previous checkpoint and go backwards to collect this one if you find yourself at the place when you have to burst into a full run to escape out of the exploding settlement. 

That concludes the Stamina upgrade spots! Check out our lore collectable guide as well as our walkthrough on where to discover all the health improvements in Trek to Yomi to make sure you don’t miss anything else. 

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