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Tyronn Lue Tried Feuding With Allen Iverson After the Famous Stepover, and Iverson Wanted Nothing to Do With It

When our favorite Cleveland Cavaliers guard Tyronn Lue jumped over an official during a game against the Washington Wizards in November of 2014, some people are going to have a problem with it. At the time, Lue said he jumped on the official because he was frustrated by his team’s play on the court. He said “I just couldn’t take it anymore. It was hard to watch this team lose and lose and lose. We’re still trying to win a championship. I couldn’t take it anymore.” The official that Lue jumped over said that the incident was completely out of character for Lue, and that Lue is “really a stand-up guy.”

As you know, Allen Iverson is a basketball legend. He was the NBA’s Most Valuable Player in 2001, the NBA’s Most Valuable Player three times, a six-time NBA scoring champion, and the NBA’s all-time leader in points, assists, steals, and games played. But, before all those accolades, Iverson was known for a minor gaffe that became an internet sensation. During a playoff matchup with the Detroit Pistons in 2003, Iverson dribbled down the court and stepped over a defender, and tried to pass the ball to a teammate. The move was a fake, and Iverson was called for a violation. While the NBA does not have a rule against “fake passing,” Iverson was fined

Allen Iverson made NBA history by jumping on Los Angeles Lakers guard Tyronn Lue during the 2001 NBA Finals. Two decades later, Iverson’s movement remains one of the most iconic images of his career. Liu, a veteran defender who now coaches the Los Angeles Clippers, finally decided to even….. and his enemy showed no interest.

Tyronn Liu challenged Allen Iverson after the famouscross

word-image-2516 Allen Iverson (L) rejected Tyronn Lue’s attempt at a feud after the famous stepover play | Jeff Gross/AllSport via Getty Images Tyronn Lue was not going to let Allen Iverson disrespect him in Game 1 of the NBA Finals. The 6th. June 2001, Iverson executes a crossover and throws a jumper over Liu that hits the ground. With the Lakers defender still on his back, Iverson steps over him and heads back to the field. In 2007, GQ magazine wrote an essay on Iverson, and Liu was one of those who spoke about the All-Star defender. The young point guard recalled a conversation he had with Iverson during the 2001-02 season, when Liu spent his first season with the Washington Wizards. I went up to him and said: You keep saying you’ll give me fifty… I’m here,m—–er. And he’s like: I don’t even know who you are. Who are you? I said: I’m the same person who won the championship ring last year. Tyrone Liu With Iverson not playing in the first game between the 76ers and the Wizards this season, Liu could be talking about the game between the two teams on the 28th. November 2001. Iverson scored 40 points and grabbed six rebounds in a 94-87 loss against the 76ers at the First Union Center in Philadelphia. Liu, a reserve guard, scored nine points on 12 shots and handed out seven assists. I have a problem with people playing scared, Iverson told GQ. Tyronn Liu took it as a challenge, as a man.

Liu had a more productive career than anyone remembers

#MemoryLayne 3. December 2003 New Orleans guard Baron Davis drives the ball to the basket against Orlando guard Tyronn Liu. New Orleans beat the Magic 106-91. Nola’s team finished the 03-04 season at 41-41, losing to Miami and rookie Dwyane Wade 0-9 in the first round of the East playoffs pic.twitter.com/CdcE13kwzG December 3, 2018. 16 May 2020

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