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V Rising Capes Locations Guide

The V Rising Capes Locations Guide is a list of all the locations you can find the rarer capes in RuneScape. The guide is intended to be used as an aid on finding these elusive items, rather than information about them. Any questions and comments are welcome!

If you wish to shield your vampire from the affects of silver, garlic, fire, and other threats to your sensitive vampire sensibilities, you should equip him with a cape in V Rising. There are three primary capes in the game, for which bosses drop crafting recipes, plus three extra capes that emerge in a DLC pack.

Our guide will show you where all of the capes are in V Rising. You’ll also learn about each cape’s resistances as well as the criteria for making it.

V Rising: All Capes Locations

Wrap for the Traveler

  • +12 maximum HP
  • Resistances: +15 Resistance to the Sun

Keely the Frost Archer, who can be found northeast of Farbane Woods, has the first cape recipe.

Then, using the following recipe and a basic workbench, you may make it:

Cloak of the Hunter


  • HP maximum: +18
  • Resistances:
    • +15 Sun Protection
    • Garlic Resistance +15
    • Silver Resistance +15

When you encounter Beatrice the Tailor in the southeastern area of the Dunley Farmlands, you may get the second cape.

If you’ve managed to unlock the tailoring bench, you may make it with the following materials:

The Veil of the Phantom


  • +24 HP maximum
  • Resistances:
    • +15 Sun Protection
    • Garlic Resistance +15
    • Silver Resistance +15
    • Fire Resistance: +15
    • Holy Resistance +15

Foulrot the Soultaker in the Cursed Forest’s southeast may be plundered for the game’s third primary cape.

With the aid of this recipe, you may make it at the tailoring bench as well:

  • 6 skeins of ghost yarn
  • 6 Dust Spectral

Capes from Dracula’s Relics

The following three capes are available if you have acquired the Dracula’s Relics Pack DLC:

  • Drape of the Immortal King
  • Cloak of the Immortal King
  • Mantle of the Immortal King

The stats of these three special capes are identical to the stats of the last three capes mentioned above.

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