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Vampire: The Masquerade – Swansong: How to Solve the Oedipus Puzzle | Vampire: The Masquerade

The Oedipus Puzzle is a central theme of the Vampire: The Masquerade setting. Players are meant to be both terrified and aroused by this incestuous act, as they cannot tell who their sire or progeny is. Recognizing how this can affect players in a variety of ways, Swansong aims at giving them more control over these anxieties than ever before – not just through gameplay mechanics but also through narrative design.,

The “vampire the masquerade bloodlines walkthrough” is a game that has recently been released. The game is called “Vampire: The Masquerade – Swansong”. This article will teach you how to solve the Oedipus Puzzle in this game.

During Leysha’s visit to the Red Salon, one of the most challenging riddles in Vampire: The Masquerade – Swansong is discovered. To learn more about her father, Richard, and her own lost background, Leysha must first locate a hidden area in his offices, then solve the Oedipus puzzle to reveal a strange layer of extra protection.

The challenge with the Oedipus-themed music box, like many of the more difficult moments in Swansong, is figuring out what you’re supposed to accomplish in the first place, and how to utilize the little hints you’ve been given.

This tutorial will walk you through the solution step by step. This guide, of course, includes spoilers for Leysha’s storyline in Swansong, as well as the whole game.

Swansong’s Oedipus Puzzle: How to Solve It

The first clue comes from Richard’s office, where an outdated computer has been left running on the desk. Pay special attention to the second and fourth lines on the first page of the file Observations on The Interpretation of Dreams (above picture; click for full size).


Richard, contrary to popular opinion, believes you should begin reading Freud with Volume 5. As a result, look for Sigmund Freud’s hardback books on the wall in his waiting area and take them out in the following order: V, III, and IV are the last three letters of the alphabet.


This unveils the next level of security, the Oedipus/swan conundrum, which is the most difficult portion. You have everything you need to fix the problem, but it’s difficult to know where to begin, which is a worrying trend in Swansong.


First, take notice of the Oedipus-themed paintings on the adjoining wall, which are out of sequence. They’re numbered #2, #4, #3, and #1 on the wall. Another significant hint for the puzzle’s solution is the caption on #2, “Oedipus pointing at the object of shame.”

Oedipus is seen in each of the four paintings pointing or gazing in a distinct direction. The exception is #4, which is a mirrored replica of Jalabert’s The Plague of Thebes for you art history buffs. For whatever reason, Antigone, not Oedipus, is the central person in this artwork, at least as far as the problem is concerned.

To put it another way:

#1: Oedipus is pointing towards the direction of the left. #2: Oedipus is indicating the bottom left corner. #3: Oedipus is lowering his gaze. #4: Antigone’s gaze is drawn to the bottom right corner.

Return to the music box and place the four carved swans in the following order:, âTM,, â2 (below). This will finish the riddle and unlock the door hidden behind it.


Going through this door marks the scene’s (clearly indicated) point of no return, so make sure you’ve taken care of all your business in the Red Salon before continuing.

It’s also worth mentioning that this puzzle and the sequence preceding up to it include a lot of foreshadowing, particularly if you’ve read Antigone’s namesake play. Richard’s security challenge prominently incorporates swans, which should be a glaring red signal if you previously visited Hazel’s bedroom as Emem.

In any case, completing the Oedipus problem allows you to go to the second and last portion of Leysha’s Red Salon sequence. Keep an eye on our official Vampire: The Masquerade – Swansong site for further tutorials on the game’s puzzles and more.

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