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We Now Live In a World Where Pro Football Focus Says Geno Smith is Playing Better than Patrick Mahomes

It was interesting to see how Twitter reacted after PFF released their Geno Smith report. The general consensus is that the Chiefs QB Patrick Mahomes has been playing so well, and it’s time for people to stop talking about him. But does this mean we should be worried? Let’s take a look at what makes these two players successful in today’s NFL.,

The “geno smith” is a football player who is playing better than Patrick Mahomes. Pro Football Focus says that Geno Smith has been playing better than Patrick Mahomes in the NFL.

Highlights of the article:

  • Geno Smith is having a better 2021 season than Patrick Mahomes, according to Pro Football Focus.
  • In recent months, Mahomes has battled with interceptions.
  • What sort of universe do we live in if Smith, of all people, has a better year than Mahomes? 

The 2021 season hasn’t lived up to Patrick Mahomes’ and the Kansas City Chiefs’ expectations. Not only is the Super Bowl 54 MVP on pace to record a career high in interceptions, but he and his teammates will need a lot of assistance just to reach the playoffs, much alone win the AFC West for the sixth year in a row. 

If Mahomes didn’t think things could get any weirder, consider that Seattle Seahawks backup Geno Smith is having a better season than the 2018 NFL MVP, according to Pro Football Focus. This isn’t a joke. 

Seattle Seahawks quarterback Geno Smith (L) and Kansas City Chiefs quarterback Patrick Mahomes in 2021. Nothing will be weirder in 2021 than Pro Football Focus’ prediction that Geno Smith (L) will have a better season than Patrick Mahomes | Abbie Parr/Getty Images; Andy Lyons/Getty Images

In sports, numbers aren’t meant to deceive. Since joining the league in 2000, we know how many 50-point games Kobe Bryant has had (25), and how many regular-season touchdowns Tom Brady has thrown (606 as of publishing).

Advanced stats and statistics that determine a player’s worth, such as Wins Above Replacement in baseball, are far more subjective. Pro Football Focus’ player grades are in the same predicament, and there are times when we have to raise an eyebrow despite the outlet’s excellent reputation.

Mahomes has a 72.4 PFF grade as of Nov. 14, 2021, whereas Brady, his Super Bowl 55 opponent, presently leads all quarterbacks with a 91.3 score. Kyler Murray of the Arizona Cardinals earned an 85.6 rating, indicating that he has a solid case for NFL MVP thus far.

We can all agree that Mahomes isn’t having as good of a season as Brady or Murray, as he’s completing a career-low 65.2 percent of his throws and has already thrown 10 interceptions. When you look at Smith’s profile and find that he has a 73.9 grade, you have to start asking some serious concerns.

It’s surprising when Smith, of all people, gets a higher grade than Mahomes.

Before you go comparing Mahomes’ 20:10 TD/INT ratio to Smith’s 5/1 ratio or how they performed in individual games, consider the following. Mahomes has 630 snaps to Smith’s 203 — and keep in mind that all 203 snaps came after Smith took over for the injured Russell Wilson in Week 5.

No one is defending Mahomes’ performance or the number of times he’s attempted to force plays only to be intercepted. After having just 11 passes intercepted in 29 regular-season games from 2019-20, teams intercepted him 10 times in the Chiefs’ first nine games.

Despite this, Mahomes hasn’t had a particularly bad season. Despite a huge increase in interceptions and a minor decrease in completion % from last year, he is still on track for 4,782 yards and 38 touchdowns. Here, we don’t see a top player forgetting how to play football.

With all of that said, it’s still hard to imagine that Geno Smith, of all people, is performing better this year than Mahomes, who started the season as probably the finest quarterback in the league. What type of world do we live in these days?

However, given all that has occurred since we entered the twenty-first century, we shouldn’t be shocked.

Smith should be commended for doing all he could to keep the Seahawks’ playoff chances alive.

Smith, on the other hand, only won one of his three starts and came close to leading a comeback in Week 5. Wilson will return to the starting quarterback position in Week 10 for a 3-5 Seahawks club that will need a lot of assistance to make the playoffs.

Despite this, Smith did an outstanding job in Wilson’s absence and attempted to hold his own. In his last three games, he completed 68.4 percent of his throws for 702 yards and did not throw an interception.

Remember, this is a quarterback who only threw 59 passes between 2016 and 2018. Smith may not have won as many games as he would have wanted, but don’t be shocked if his next deal pays him a little more. He’s earning little over $1.2 million this season and will be available for free agency next spring.

Wilson’s PFF rating will likely stay in the 73.8 range for the remainder of the season, despite Smith’s return to the bench and Wilson’s long track record. If all goes according to plan, Mahomes might pass him in the coming weeks.

If Mahomes is still rated lower than Smith at the conclusion of the regular season, we’ll have to have some unpleasant talks.

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