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‘We Stay in Our Lane’

The NBA is facing a bit of an identity crisis in the present day. Players are constantly held to unfair standards and criticized for not being “good enough” or “man enough.” The league has always been about winning, but now it’s about how much you win.

The stay in your lane phrase origin is a saying that has been used in various sports. It originated from the game of basketball, but has since spread to other sports as well.

In the city of brotherly love, it’s officially “Dallas Week.” On Monday Night Football, the Philadelphia Eagles and Dallas Cowboys meet for the first time this season, and all eyes will be on new Eagles head coach Nick Sirianni and how he manages the pressure.

So far, Sirianni has done his best to capitalize on this long-standing rivalry. Only time will tell if it successfully motivates his teammates, but one thing is clear. The Cowboys aren’t having any of it.

The Eagles’ “Beat Dallas” t-shirts elicited a harsh response from Cowboys players.

Sirianni is going out all the stops to make sure fans and players alike know he’s taking “Dallas Week” seriously for the first time as a part of the Eagles organization. The first-year head coach is coming off an ugly play-calling performance in Week 2 against the San Francisco 49ers, and he must impress going forward or risk losing the trust of some of the team’s more experienced veterans.

While the notion of their team’s head coach wearing a “Beat Dallas” jersey may appeal to Philly, the Cowboys were not pleased. When asked whether he thought Cowboys head coach Mike McCarthy would wear a “Beat Philly” jersey, running back Ezekiel Elliott seemed unenthusiastic.

“No. “We remain in our lane,” Elliott added (Yahoo Sports)

Is it possible that the Cowboys are neglecting the Eagles?

Philadelphia Eagles and Dallas Cowboys players during a 2020 game. Jason Kelce (62) of the Eagles talks with Zack Martin of the Cowboys | Andy Lewis/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

A question begs to be addressed, given Elliott’s apparent dismissal of the significance of Week 3’s Monday night battle.

Is Dallas ignoring Philadelphia?

This is a difficult question to answer. The excessively easy answer, though, is that they aren’t. With a healthy Dak Prescott as quarterback, the Cowboys are now refocusing their efforts on making a playoff run. The Eagles, on the other hand, are just getting started on what is expected to be a multi-year reconstruction. In theory, the Cowboys should have larger fish to fry in 2021 than this rivalry has been throughout football history.

The argument between Prescott and former Eagles quarterback Carson Wentz was one of the major themes in the Eagles/Cowboys rivalry. Both players were selected in the same year, and their respective fanbases claimed that their quarterback was better. With Wentz currently playing for the Indianapolis Colts, there isn’t much of a dispute between the two teams at quarterback.

Jalen Hurts had a strong showing against the Atlanta Falcons in Week 1. At this point in his career, though, comparing him to Prescott would be absurd.

Both sides are dealing with serious injuries.

Demarcus Lawrence, the Cowboys’ top pass rusher, is gone for the rest of the season. During practicing, I shattered my foot. Lawrence and the Dallas D have had nothing but bad luck.

September 15, 2021 — Ian Rapoport (@RapSheet)

The sheer amount of injuries affecting the game is another factor adding to the lack of excitement around the upcoming NFC East clash.

Both the Cowboys and the Eagles have suffered significant casualties on both the offensive and defensive lines. Demarcus Lawrence, a standout pass rusher, and wide receiver Michael Gallup will be out for the Cowboys. LT Jordan Mailata (doubtful), RG Brandon Brooks, TE Zach Ertz (doubtful), and DE Brandon Graham will all be out for the Eagles.

The Cowboys have benefited more from the recent injury bug than the Eagles, but Lawrence’s loss is still a significant blow to Dallas’ defense.

In any case, the two teams will have to psychologically prepare for the game on Monday. Even if the Cowboys aren’t fully invested in the rivalry this season, looking too far ahead of Philadelphia may lead to a humiliating home defeat.

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