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What Sports Do You Need Coordination in?

If you’re looking to get into a new sport, you might be wondering what types of activities require good coordination. Here’s a list of sports that will help you improve your coordination skills.

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There are coordination games that can be played without any equipment at all, such as tag or hopscotch. Some games require only very simple props, such as balls, cones, or beanbags. Other games require more specialized equipment, such as bats and balls, rackets and shuttlecocks, or paddles and balls.


In soccer, good coordination is needed to control the ball. You need to be able to control the ball with your feet, and then dribble it down the field. You also need good coordination to pass the ball to another player, or shoot the ball into the goal.


Football requires a great deal of coordination. Players must be able to move quickly and accurately, while maintain control of the ball. This requires coordination between the eyes, hands and feet.


Basketball is a sport that requires excellent coordination. Players need to be able to move quickly and smoothly, while also keeping an eye on the ball and their teammates. Split-second decisions must be made constantly, and players need to have the hand-eye coordination necessary to make shots.


Tennis is a sport that requires coordination between the eyes, feet, and hands. Players need to be able to hit the ball in the right direction and at the right time. They also need to be able to judge where their opponents are on the court and adjust their shots accordingly.


In conclusion, coordination is an important skill in many sports. Some sports require more coordination than others, but all athletes need to be able to coordinate their movements in order to be successful. There are many drills and exercises that can help athletes improve their coordination, and it is important for athletes to practice these regularly.

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