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What They Need to Clinch NFC Top Seed

The NFC has been dominating college football for a few years now. They seem to be unstoppable on the field, but what does it take to clinch the top seed in their conference?

The “nfl playoff picture” is a tool that can help you determine what teams need to clinch NFC Top Seed. The tool will also give you information on the current standings, and who has clinched the AFC and NFC West divisions.

The Green Bay Packers of 2021 are a perfect illustration of why tiny sample numbers should never be used to make decisions.

Do you recall Week 1 of this long NFL season? Was there a team that looked worse than the Green Bay Packers, who were thrashed 38-3 by the New Orleans Saints? That humiliating defeat had many wondering if the irritable quarterback and Jeopardy! Aaron Rodgers, the host want tobe, had completely abandoned the team he thought had wronged him over the previous two seasons.

After fourteen games, the Packers have the best record in the NFL (12-3), and the only issue regarding Rodgers now is whether Indianapolis Colts running back Jonathan Taylor can keep the MVP race close.

However, although the Packers’ Week 1 defeat to New Orleans may seem to be a complete aberration when seen through the lens of late December, it did do considerable damage to the Packers, which they are still dealing with heading into their Week 17 Sunday night game against the Minnesota Vikings.

Despite having the best record in the NFC, the top seed is still up for grabs, with three teams still in contention to steal the Packers’ first-round bye in the playoffs. Green Bay can claim the top place this weekend and beyond if it follows these steps:

While they wait until Sunday night, the Packers will be watching Arizona-Dallas.

Aaron Rodgers and the Packers can clinch the NFC top seed in Week 17

Aaron Rodgers and the Packers can clinch the NFC top seed in Week 17 Aaron Rodgers | Getty Images/Stacy Revere

The Packers’ route to securing the NFC’s top seed in Week 17 is rather clear. With two games remaining, the Packers (12-3) have a one-game lead over the Dallas Cowboys (11-4), Los Angeles Rams (11-4), and Tampa Bay Buccaneers (11-4).

However, the Packers hold the tiebreaker advantage over the Rams (head-to-head victory) and Buccaneers (better record, common opponents) of the three teams they are attempting to avoid, so the only team the Packers must worry about this weekend is the Cowboys, who currently hold the tiebreaker over Green Bay based on a better conference record.

If the Cardinals beat the Cowboys during the day on Sunday, the Packers will play the Vikings at Lambeau Field on Sunday night, knowing that a win would give them the NFC’s top record.

If the Cowboys defeat the Cardinals, the most the Packers can hope for is a victory and a clinching situation in Week 18. But what happens if the Packers are defeated?

If not this weekend, the Packers may ring in the new year with a clinch party in 2022.

Given the Cardinals’ poor performance, which has seen them lose three straight games, and the Cowboys’ 56-14 thrashing of the Washington Football Team, it is doubtful that the Cowboys will not improve their record to 12-4 this weekend.

That would put the Packers in a must-win situation to keep the Cowboys a game behind them, with the Cowboys claiming the top spot if the two teams end the season tied.

The Vikings, on the other hand, will not be taken lightly. The Packers behind the Cowboys in conference record because, in addition to their Week 1 defeat to the Saints, they also lost their first meeting with the Vikings in Minneapolis in Week 11, dropping them to 8-2 in the league while the Cowboys are 9-1.

And the Vikings’ win was far from a fluke. The Vikings are 7-4-1 versus the Packers since their last matchup in 2016, including the last two games. As a result, the Packers and Davante Adams, Mr. Sunday Night, will have their work cut out for them.

And, if the Packers still need a victory in Week 18 to lock up a first-round bye, there’s the problem of their opponent, the Detroit Lions, who have been playing better, by their standards, in recent weeks and played spoiler against the Cardinals two weeks ago. For the Lions, beating the Packers in Detroit and sabotaging their chances at a first-round bye would be the equal of winning the Super Bowl, and the Packers must be ready for that passion and a no-holds-barred mindset.

The one Doomsday scenario might relegate the Packers to fourth place in the NFC.

And if the Packers lose both of their last two games by some strange and horrible twist of destiny, their Super Bowl hopes might be jeopardized. The Cowboys would only need a split to knock the Packers out of first place if they fell to 12-5.

And if Dallas, the Rams, and the Buccaneers all went 2-0 to finish at 13-4, while the Packers lost two and finished at 12-5, the Packers would be relegated to fourth place.

Indeed, it’s a game of chance.

Pro Football Reference provided the statistics.

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The “nfl schedule” is what they need to clinch NFC top seed. The Eagles, Vikings, Rams, and Saints are all competing for the spot.

Frequently Asked Questions

How the Packers can clinch the 1 seed?

A: The Packers currently have a 4 game lead on the Vikings. If they win out, they will clinch the 1 seed in their division and also tie with Carolina for first place in the NFC South as well.

How can the Packers get the number one seed in the NFC?

A: The Packers need to win their remaining games and then hope that the Cardinals lose a game.

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