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The “nfl clinching scenarios week 16” is a list of the games that will decide who makes it to the playoffs. The teams that are still fighting for a spot in the playoffs, need to clinch their spot.

What They Need To Clinch

The nicest thing about playing on a Thursday night is that teams don’t have time to stew after a tough defeat.

The Tennessee Titans stumbled badly at Pittsburgh on Sunday, falling to the unreliable and hardly playoff-relevant Steelers and giving up the AFC’s top overall seed, at least for the time being.

The Titans’ 9-5 record was ruined by a 19-13 defeat at Heinz Field, which prevented them from practically claiming the AFC South by establishing a two-game lead over the Indianapolis Colts with three games remaining with the head-to-head tiebreaker in their favor.

But there’s no time to ruminate on the past. Week 15 has come to an end, and Week 16 is approaching quicker than anybody anticipated. The Titans face the San Francisco 49ers in their last Thursday night game of the season, and despite the fact that it is against an NFC club, the matchup has huge significance for AFC playoff positioning.

The Titans still have a chance to win the AFC South championship.

A.J. Brown returns in Week 16 as the Titans look to clinch the AFC South

A.J. Brown returns in Week 16 as the Titans look to clinch the AFC South Wesley Hitt/Getty Images/A.J. Brown

With three games remaining in the AFC South, the Titans’ defeat to Pittsburgh, along with the Colts’ unexpected upset of the New England Patriots last Saturday, has narrowed the two-team competition to one game. The Titans, meanwhile, are still in perfect control of their division destiny, having defeated the Colts in both head-to-head games this season. They may capture the division as early as Saturday.

The Titans would improve to 10-5 on the season with a win against the 49ers on Thursday night. The Colts would fall to 8-7 if they lost to the Cardinals on Saturday, and the Titans would claim the division by taking a two-game lead with two games remaining and the head-to-head tiebreaker. Over the remaining three weeks of the season, any combination of two Tennessee wins and/or Colts defeats earns the Titans the division championship.

The Titans, on the other hand, have loftier objectives in the AFC now that their squad is growing stronger by the minute.

The Titans are getting healthier at receiver just in time to play the 49ers.

The Titans are still missing running back Derrick Henry, who might return for the playoffs but will miss the remainder of the regular season after undergoing foot surgery after Week 8.

However, things are starting to look bright for the wide receiver corps, which has been devastated by injuries this season as well. Both A.J. Brown, who is set to be reinstated off injured reserve for Thursday’s game, and Julio Jones, who was hurt against the Steelers on Sunday, will play.

This will be just the sixth time Brown and Jones have played in the same game this season, and it will be the first time since Week 9. It’s remarkable that the Titans have remained around the top of the AFC standings while missing one or none of their top-three offensive players outside of quarterback Ryan Tannehill in the previous six games.

On Tuesday, Brown returned to practice and performed well enough to be declared ready for the 49ers. Jones did not practice on Monday or Tuesday, but put in enough time on Wednesday to be declared injury-free for Thursday’s game.

One Chiefs defeat may put the No. 1 seed in the AFC out of reach.

The Titans’ slip to the No. 3 seed in the AFC might be brief, depending on what happens with the Covid-ravaged Chiefs this weekend against the Steelers, who the Titans just lost to last weekend in an unexpected loss.

Kansas City (10-4) is one game ahead of the Titans (10-4), but Tennessee owns the tiebreaker. courtesy of their win against the Chiefs in Week 7. If the Steelers win their second game in a row and the Titans win on Thursday, Tennessee will leapfrog Kansas City in the seeding order.

The Patriots’ performance against the Bills will determine if the Titans return to first place. After defeating the Titans in Week 12, the Patriots (9-5) have the tiebreaker over Tennessee, same as the Titans have over Kansas City.

As a result, the Titans should be aware that any more blunders would almost certainly eliminate them from contention for the top spot.

Pro Football Reference provided the statistics.

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What do the Cowboys need to clinch the division?

A: The Cowboys are currently on the cusp of clinching the division. They will need to win their final two games and hope that both Titans lose theirs in order to clinch it.

Did the Cowboys clinch the division 2021?

A: No, they have not.

Did the Cowboys clinch a playoff spot 2021?

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