LeBron James is a professional basketball player who has been playing for the Cleveland Cavaliers since 2003. He recently announced that he was leaving the Cavs and joining the Los Angeles Lakers as a free agent on July 1st, 2018. Why did LeBron leave? What’s happening with his career? Read more in detail here: lebron james news today.

The Lakers are one of the most storied franchises in all of sports. With their recent success, they have reached new heights that few other teams can claim to achieve. But despite this astounding amount of prestige and history, LeBron James chose not to play for them after being recruited by Magic Johnson himself. What happened?

So far, the Los Angeles Lakers have had a rough start to their 2021-22 season. They’ve lost some ugly games to clubs like the Oklahoma City Thunder and Minnesota Timberwolves, and are just 9-9 through their first 18 games. However, the Lakers are missing their finest player, LeBron James, as they prepare for a primetime matchup against a formidable New York Knicks team.

So, why isn’t James on the Lakers’ roster?

In a game against the Detroit Pistons, LeBron James got into an incident with Isaiah Stewart.

On Nov. 21, with 9:18 remaining in the third quarter of a game between the Lakers and the Pistons, LeBron James hit Pistons center Isaiah Stewart in the face as the two were struggling for rebounding position after a free-throw attempt.

The strike elicited a response from Stewart, who faced James with blood on his face and then attempted to break away from teammates on many times in an effort to confront him again.

Stewart drew two technical fouls, while James received a flagrant 2. Both of them were also expelled from the game by the referees.

The Pistons were leading the Lakers 78-66 at the time, but LA rallied to win 121-116.

Why isn’t LeBron James on the Los Angeles Lakers’ roster?

Los Angeles Lakers superstar LeBron James before a game against the Boston Celtics.

Los Angeles Lakers superstar LeBron James before a game against the Boston Celtics. On Nov. 19, 2021, LeBron James of the Los Angeles Lakers sits on the bench before a game against the Boston Celtics. | Getty Images/Maddie Malhotra

On an edition of The Pat McAfee Show on Nov. 22, Shams Charania of The Athletic said that James sought to acquire Stewart’s phone number in order to apologize and inform him that his hit was unintentional.

Whether it was inadvertent or not, the league nevertheless punished James.

The NBA also stated on Nov. 22 that the 17-time All-Star will be punished “one game without pay” for “recklessly punching Stewart in the face and starting an on-court brawl.” Stewart was also punished for “two games without pay for escalating an on-court dispute by chasing [James] in an unsportsmanlike manner repeatedly and aggressively.”

As a result, LeBron will miss the Lakers’ game against the New York Knicks on November 23rd, which will be broadcast on TNT, and will lose around $284,000, according to ESPN.

It’s the first time in James’ 19-year career that he’s been suspended.

The Lakers and LeBron James have a lot of work ahead of them.

With or without the confrontation, James and the Lakers would have had a lot of work to do in their game against the Pistons.

They were losing to one of the league’s poorest clubs after starting the game with an 8-9 record. That should have been a night when they simply relied on their skill to win and worked out some of their offensive and defensive problems. Instead, following James’ dismissal, LA had to fight to win 121-116 in a come-from-behind victory.

The Lakers have struggled to get things going so far this season with their new lineup, which includes James, Anthony Davis, Russell Westbrook, Carmelo Anthony, and others. Of course, James has already missed ten games, the most of which have been due to an abdominal ailment. LA is 5-3 in games in which James has appeared and 4-6 in games in which he has not.

Turnovers and defense have been the team’s major problems so far. The Lakers have the second-most turnovers in the NBA (16.6), with Westbrook and James averaging 8.7 each. Los Angeles is also second-to-last in the NBA in points allowed per game (113.4), and opponents are grabbing 47.5 rebounds a game, which is tied for fourth most in the league.

The Lakers, on the other hand, have the skill to overcome their problems, and they’ve already showed signs of what they’re capable of. With 109.9 points per game, they are the NBA’s sixth-highest scoring team. James has also demonstrated time and time again that he can work things out when surrounded by quality, as he did with his Big Threes on the Miami Heat and Cleveland Cavaliers. So, as long as he stays healthy, the Lakers have a chance to make a deep postseason run.

Overall, James may not suit up for the Lakers against the Knicks. When he returns to the floor, though, he and the Lakers will have a lot of work ahead of them if they are to achieve their objective of winning an NBA championship.

Basketball Reference provided the statistics.

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LeBron James is an NBA superstar who has been playing for the Los Angeles Lakers since he was drafted in 2003. He has won 3 championships with the Lakers and has been a part of their franchise for over 12 years. However, this year LeBron decided to leave the Lakers and sign with the Cleveland Cavaliers. Why did he decide to do so? What happened in between? Reference: is lebron james injured.

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